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Upcoming events

NOV 27 – The 8th Orleans Rover Crew has taken the annual Christmas Tree and Wreath fundraiser online. Completely contactless from order to payment to delivery. Orders/payments are due Friday Nov. 27. Payments via e-transfer to Deliveries made on Saturday, Dec. 5 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. For more info e-mail Funds will go towards 8th Orleans to support our Scouting activities at Group and Section level.

OCT 26 to DEC 6 – ORLEANS UNITED CHURCH'S ONLINE CHRISTMAS BAZAAR featuring unique handcrafted items, holiday and home decor, doll clothes, winter knits, woodcrafts, upcycled felted mitts, frozen foods, and more. Opens for online shopping October 26 at



Coronavirus stories and updates from around the world

Information about masks ans mask coverings from Ottawa Public Health – City of Ottawa, Aug. 11, 2020

Ottawa moves to Stage 2 of reopening; restrictions on gatherings eased across province – Ottawa Citizen, June 8, 2020

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says – CNBC, June 8, 2020

Coronavirus infections haven’t spiked since Europe loosened lockdowns. There are many theories about why. – Washington Post, June 7, 2020

France had Covid-19 in November, hospital says after analysis of chest scans – South China Morning Post, May 8, 2020

Coronavirus mutation becomes ‘urgent concern’ as it dominates across Europe and North America – South China Morning Post, May 7, 2020

Public health officials take seriously new research that children may not be superspreaders after all – CBC News, May 4, 2020

Dutch reopen primary schools and daycare but ban events until September –, April 21, 2020

The consequences of Canada's slow COVID-19 response – The Ottawa Citizen, April 19, 2020

Coronavirus: drugs including remdesivir may prove effective before vaccine is available, South Korean expert says – South China Morning Post, April 16, 2020

Johnson & Johnson will have 600-800 million coronavirus vaccines by 2021 – New York Post, April 16, 2020

Poor immunity or mutations? South Korea investigates ‘shrewd’ coronavirus as reinfections creep up – South China Morning Post, April 16, 2020

Coronavirus mutation could threaten the race to develop vaccine – South China Morning Post, April 14, 2020

Researchers at U of T, Sinai Health working on blood test to screen thousands for COVID-19 immunity – University of Toronto News, April 7, 2020

A New Covid-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide – New York Times, April 6, 2020

Furloughed CERN physicists release design for Covid-19 patient ventilator – South Morning China Post, April 5, 2020

World Health Organisation reverses course, now supports wearing face masks in public – South Morning China Post, April 5, 2020

Seattle research institute launches fast track Covid-19 immunotherapy trial – KUOW Seattle, April 3, 2020

Five more residents at Promenade displaying COVID-19 symptoms, after husband, wife both die – Orléans Star, April 1, 2020

The law of generosity attacking coronavirus in Pakistan –, April 1, 2020

Three more deaths in COVID-19 outbreak at Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bobcaygeon – Peterborough Examiner, Mar. 31, 2020

Wuhan lockdown to end in two weeks as China gets people back to work – South Morning China Post, Mar. 24, 2020

The race is on in the drug battle against the coronavirus – South Morning China Post, Mar. 23, 2020

Editorial: Is the battle against coronavirus worse than the disease? – New York Times, Mar 20, 2020  

Italy has a brief glimpse of hope as new cases drop to a five-day low – South China Morning Post, Mar. 23, 2020

Ontario to close all non-essential businesses; Schools won't reopen April 6 – Ottawa Citizen, Mar. 23, 2020

Canada refuses to go to 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics, citing 'health' of athletes – The National Post, Mar 22, 2020

A third of coronavirus cases may be ‘silent carriers’, classified Chinese data suggests – South China Morning Post, Mar. 22, 2020

Around the world, daily life comes to a near-halt as more governments impose restrictions on movement – The Washington Post, Mar. 22, 2020

Germany's low coronavirus mortality rate intrigues experts – The Guardian, Mar. 22, 2020

Self-isolate and practice social distancing or the government will force you to, Health Minister warns – Toronto Star, Mar. 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and treatment – Health Canada

What you need to know about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself against Covid-19 – South China Morning Post, Jan. 22, 2020

City of Ottawa updates



Sir Wil’s 'Hunchback' a true masterclass in high school theatre

Missoula Children’s Theatre production a lesson in teamwork

St. Peter production an ode to 70s era disaster films

COVID pandemic fails to slow down Orléans deaf/blind athlete

Ottawa TFC unveils fall/winter ‘Return to Play’ soccer program

The future is cloudy for Orléans speedskaters

Local business



CEDAR VALLEY LEBANESE FOOD: Owners celebrate two years in business




180-FITNESS CENTRE: Home of the Biggest Loser




VIEWPOINT: Study proves science-based decision-making a fallacy


WALTER ROBINSON: Health Canada needs to up its game during vaccine void


Doug Feltmate: COVID-19 pandemic the final straw for troubled restaurant industry

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