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Local blind-deaf athlete keeps up busy summer schedule

By Mike Beasley
Orléans Online

Kevin Frost will be competing in the golf event at the Ontario Visually Impaired Games near Hamilton later this week. Fred Sherwin/Photo

No matter the season, there’s no stopping Kevin Frost in his pursuit of sporting excellence. The deaf-blind athlete from Orléans still competes in tandem bike racing during the summer, but the warm weather gives this incredible athlete the opportunity to compete on the golf course.

All able-bodied, fully-sighted, recreational golfers have calculated handicaps as a result of their skills or lack thereof on the links. Kevin has one as well, but his real handicap is his lack of sight. He plays every round with a partner who instructs and guides him through every shot.

“I rely on my golf partner’s eyesight to help me with ball setup, yardage and advice on which club I should use,” Frost explained.

Never one to turn down a challenge, Frost recently competed at the 2017 American Blind Golf Championship in Wadsworth, Ohio, in the B2 category which assigns a 45 handicap to each participant.

Frost is still the new kid on the blind golf tour, but was able to finish fourth in his group. On Day 1, Kevin shot a 78, on Day 2 he finished up with a 74.

“I have to admit the Ridge Top Golf Course in Ohio was one of the toughest courses I’ve ever played,” Frost said. “There were a lot of very good golfers at the event. I learned that I have to be more patient and relaxed if I want to have good results.”

The all-season athlete has been honing his golf skills all summer at the White Sands, Pine View and Glen Mar Golf Clubs as he prepares for another prestigious tournament. In early October, Frost will travel to San Antonio, Texas to tee off in the American Blind Golf National Championship.

“I finished second at that event last year and have been working hard to be in the Top 3 at the end of the tournament,” Frost said. “I’ve been putting in a lot of time at the local courses working on my short game and putting. I know the importance of two putts or less on every green. Two putts will be one of the keys to my success.”

Kevin will have to put away his clubs this week in exchange for a tandem bike as he takes part in the Canadian National Tandem Cycling Championships in Bromont, Québec.

Kevin will be back on the links the following week when he takes part in the Visually Impaired Games at the Chippewa Creek Golf and Country Club near Hamilton.

“I have a busy schedule but I love it, the different sports offer different training regiments and various challenges which I enjoy.”

Golf, tandem bike racing and speed skating, Kevin does it all and does it very well.

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