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CHILD HAVEN INTERNATIONAL hosts its 34'th Ottawa Annual Fund Raising Dinner at 6 pm at Hellenic Community Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Dr., Ottawa. Child Haven operates Homes for over 1300 children and assists destitute women and seniors in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and has a child support program in Tibet in China. For info and tickets please visit or call 1-613-527-2829 or Pat Dunphy 613-745-1743.

ANNUAL SPRING BAZAAR at the Résidence Saint-Louis, 879 Hiawatha Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monies raised will go to purchase new equipment and articles essential for residential care.

ORLÉANS POUTINE FEST from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on May 10 and 11 and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 12 in the Centrum Blvd. Festival Plaza. Come sample some of the very best poutine in Ottawa paired with some delicious craft beer, wine, and tasty coolers while enjoying live music in the beer garden.

Biggest Loser program helps transform participant’s mind, body and spirit
By Fred Sherwin
Posted January 27, 2019

Sometimes in life timing is everything. For Karola Ignacz, a random pop-up ad that kept popping up on her computer screen while she was playing online Scrabble with her friends couldn’t have appeared at a better time.

Ignacz had just got out of a toxic relationship with a roommate during which she gained more than 30 pounds and was in a dark place in her life.

“The ad was for 180ºFitness and I kept trying to delete it, but it kept popping up so I finally clicked on it and I checked out the website and decided to give them a call,” recalls Ignacz.

After a lengthy conversation with 180ºFitness owner Adrian Delorey, the two of them decided that she should enter the gym’s Biggest Loser program which aims to transform the members’ mindset and outlook on life, as well as their bodies.

When Ignacz started the program her goal was to lose 20 pounds. As the 12-week program went on and Ignacz started losing the weight, her goal changed. She wanted to win the title of the Biggest Loser and one-year free gym membership that went with it.

“I’m 5’9” so as soon as I tip the scale at 200 lb. it’s a big deal for me and I was up to 212 when I started with Adrian, so I was very highly motivated,” says Ignacz. “And when I get motivated I just throw myself into it. I get pretty focused and then the competitive side in me comes out.”

The Biggest Loser program combines group workouts with nutrition classes, mindset seminars. Everyone in the group motivates each other because they are all working towards the same goal.

“The other people in my the group were amazing. We all pushed each other. I know they inspired me to give 100 per cent every time I went,” says Karola who not only met her initial goal of losing 20 lbs., but accomplished her personal goal of 30 lbs, which was 13 per cent of her total weight going into the program – enough to win the title and the membership.

More importantly, she finished the 12-week program with a whole new outlook on ’life and a heightened sense of her own self esteem.

“It’s been a total transformation,” says Ignacz. “I didn’t expect that it would do for me what it did. I went in to the program just hoping to lose some weight, but what I gained has been even more valuable. It was an inner transformation for me. It was a journey of self acceptance and really learning about how to love myself again. Adrian and all the wonderful instructors at the gym gave that to me. I can’t thank them enough and I would recommend the program to anyone."

To find out more about the Biggest Loser program and 180-Fitness visit www. or call 613-749-2267.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)




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