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(Posted 4:30 p.m., Feb. 21)
Former Canadian Idol contestants post 8-song EP on YouTube

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Steffi Didomenicantonio as Sally Bowles in the recent Manitoba Theatre Centre production of 'Caberet'. Photo supplied

Former Canadian Idol contestants Steffi D and Chad Doucette have posted an 8-song EP on YouTube that is a result of a "side project" they began working on several years ago.

The two singers became friends on Season 4 of the Canadian version of the popular American reality show in 2006.

Steffi D, whose full name is Steffi Didomenicantonio, was the fifth contestant to get voted off the show, while Doucette was shown the door a week later.

The pair began collaborating a couple of years afterwards and the result can be found at www.youtube.com. The EP, entitled "Good Together", contains an eclectic mix of songs with titles like Meat and Potatoes, Sitting in a Tree, Love Me, and I Wanna Get You Drunk.

Since her experience on Canadian Idol, Steffi has pursued a career in cinema and musical theatre. The Orléans native, who now lives in Toronto, played Ilse in the national touring production of the Broadway hit "Spring Awakening", and Bethany in the horror musical, "Stage Fright".

In the past year Steffi has appeared in three different productions in Toronto, Cambridge and Sudbury where she played Jamet Weiss in the Sudbury Theatre Centre production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" last fall.

Her most recent work was in the Manitoba Theatre Centre's production of "Caberet" in which she played Sally Bowles, a role made famous by Steffi lookalike Liza Minelli.

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