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(Posted 9:30 a.m., Oct. 11)
Cumberland incumbent facing pair of challengers
By Fred Sherwin

Cumberland Ward incumbent Stephen Blais isn’t taking his bid for a third straight term one step at a time – literally. Since starting his door-to-door campaign in May, Blais has recorded more than 820,000 steps. He hopes to hit a million by election day on Oct. 22.

“Honestly, I’m not taking anything for granted. We’re running the same campaign we did in 2014 and 2010 before that,” says Blais. “We’ve canvassed almost every door in the ward.”

According to the Elections Ottawa website, Blais is facing two challengers in Cameron Rose Jette and Jenson Bloire.

Jette is a 20-year-old South Falling-brook resident who is studying human rights and social justice at Carleton University.

A huge defender of the city’s social service programs, she wants to be a voice for the marginalized on city council.

“I have an especially unique perspective as a youth, community leader and activist who can rally the voices of marginalized communities I belong to, including those with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, fellow youth, and students,” Jette writes on her Facebook page. She is also in favour of free-fare public transit.

Very little is known about the third candidate, Jensen Boire. He has no contact information, a website, or a Facebook page listed on the Elections Ottawa website.

Blais has been campaigning on the various accomplishments he’s managed to achieve during the past term. As chair of the city’s transit commission he played a leading role in getting Phase 2 of the Light Rail Transit project extended from Place d’Orléans to Trim Road. He also secured the he funding to expand the François Dupuis Recreation Centre and he helped facilitate plans to erect a dome at Millennium Park.

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