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(Updated 10:30 a.m., March 15)
Federal budget contains several goodies for local taxpayers

By Mike Beasley
The Orléans Star

The recently released federal budget not only addressed several national issues, but also took into consideration the needs and wants of the residents of Orléans.

On Feb. 27, Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau rose in the House of Com- mons to table the 2018 federal budget entitled: Equality, Growth and A Strong Middle Class. It is the latest chapter in the Liberal government’s plan to develop and grow the Canadian middle class.

Orléans MP Andrew Leslie says the federal budget contains $447 million specifically allocated to rectify pay issues in the public service. Ottawa Citizen Photo

The budget consists of hundreds of items directed at helping every Canadian, but also saw the Orléans area receive it’s fair share of designated dollars and attention.

“Budget 2018 addressed many issues that have been raised with me either at my office or at the doors,” explained the Honorable Andrew Leslie, Liberal MP for Orléans.

Stabilizing the Phoenix pay admini-stration was a priority for the decision makers. The Liberals acknowledged that Canada’s public servants deserve to be paid properly and on time for the vital work they do on behalf of Canadians.

Over $460 million has been invested to resolve the pay issues. The new budget will allocate another $447 million over the next six years to work with public sector unions, technology experts and hire pay advisors to alleviate and eliminate the problems.

Other good news for a specific demo-graphic of Orléans residents will be the formation of an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare which will help alleviate the problem of affordability of prescription drugs.

Taking financial and medical care of injured veterans is another important consideration in Budget 2018. Lifetime payments for those veterans suffering from a service-related injuries will be eligible for tax-free monthly payments.

Orléans is home to a vibrant franco-phone community. Budget 2018 plans to strengthen and empower francophone communities in municipalities across Canada by investing $400 million in new funding over the next five years to support the Action Plan of Official Languages which will be in place from 2018 through 2023. The plan will include financial resources for community organizations, cultural, artistic and heritage activities. Funds will also be available to develop French language community media, second language training and support.

“Providing more resources to address outstanding claims related to the troubled Phoenix Pay System, delivering life-long financial stability for our injured veterans, and new funds to support the Franco-Ontarian community are some of the big items that Orléans residents can look forward to out of Budget 2018,” Leslie says proudly.

Budget 2018 didn’t stop there for the close to 128,000 citizens of Orléans, which suits Leslie fine.

“Through a $55 million investment, our government plans to revitalize the NCC’s parkways, pathways, buildings and bridges,” says Leslie. “We’ve announced a new partnership with the City of Ottawa to construct a new joint facility that will house the National Library and Archives Canada, as well as the new Central Public Library that will be a future landmark for our city.”

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