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(Updated 9:30 a.m., Dec.15)
Portobello pair celebrating 99th birthdays together

By Mike Beasley
The Orléans Star

The residents at the Revera Portobello retirement community will be celebrating more than just the holiday season this month.

Two of their own will be turning 99 and the staff at the Fallingbrook seniors residence plan to mark the occasion with a special celebration.

Richard Derykere and Lauréat Cheff are both celebrating their 99th birtdays at Revera Portobello this month. Photo supplied

Revera Portobello sales consultant Angèle Labranche says they plan to not only celebrate tha fact that residents Richard Deryckere and Lauréat Cheff are turning 99 this month, but both individuals still live independent lives at the residence.

"We are celebrating the ageless spirit of Richard and Lauréat who have are both celebrating a special birthday this month. They are just two of the many residents who live independently at Portobello, which is proof that age is simply a number," says Labranche.

Mr. Deryckere has been living at Portobello for over seven years. He joined the Air Force in 1940 where he was responsible for taking photos of the enemy by using aerial photo reconnaissance. He served in the Armed Forces for almost four years before returning to Canada.

When asked what the secret to his longevity is, Mr. Deryckere replied, "a hell of a lot of luck."

"I'm fortunate that I have great health and I am still enjoying life at 99," adds Mr. Deryckere.

Lauréat Cheff is the other Portobello resident to turn 99 years old this month.

Madame Cheff is the 13th child from a family of 15 kids and has been living at the retirement community since 2016. When asked what keeps her young and active, Mrs. Cheff stated, "I'm surrounded by loved ones all the time. I have four children and four grandchildren that visit frequently. I receive great service here at Portobello and can't complain."

Both Mr. Deryckere and Madame Cheff are looking forward to ringing in the New Year at the residence and the possibilty of reaching the century milestone.

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