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(Posted 7:30 a.m., Sept. 28)
Lemonade stand impersario raises over $10K for OHF
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

When Braeden Clements was four years old his world was turned upside down when his grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Wanting to do something to support his grandfather’s battle, Braeden , who’s now 10, decided to open a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer research.

Orléans Ward Coun. Bob Monette dropped by Braeden Clement’s lemonade stand on Saturday to enjoy an ice cold glass of lemonade and show his support for the Orléans Wood youngster. Photo courtesy of Kathy Smilie

That was seven years ago. Braeden’s grandfather eventually succumbed to cancer in 2013 just days before the Orléans Wood youngster was planning to open his lemonade stand for a third year. Despite his loss, the young man still opened up for business and managed to raise $1,300.

In seven years, Braeden has raised over $10,000, including more than $3,000 on Saturday. Braeden distributes flyers throughout his neighbourhood in the days leading up to the event and he writes thank you letters to everyone who makes a donation.

Each donor also gets a pair of cookies made by his grandmother, personal manager, and number one supporter Kathy Smillie.

Among the patrons who dropped by the lemonade stand this year were Orléans Ward councillor Bob Monette, Ottawa-Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde, Orléans Star columnist Walter Robinson, and a group of firefighters from Station 53 on Charlemagne Blvd.

Like most kids his age, Braeden is a young man of few words. Asked if he was happy with how things went this year he said he was “happy” and that everyone was “nice” who dropped by and made a donation.

All the money raised will be donated to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation (OHF) and used for cancer research and cancer patient care. .

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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