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(Posted 9:30 a.m., Sept. 13)
Flood baby gets special visit from Premier Wynne
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

The Bou-Rjeili family of Cumberland got an unexpected visit from a special guest earlier this month and they have the pictures to prove it.

During a visit to the flood-ravaged areas of Cumberland Village last spring, Ottawa Premier Kathleen Wynne was invited to return to the area once the water had receded by residents Michel and Maggie Bourbonnais.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne holds baby Tilania during a recent unscheduled visit to flood damaged properties in Cumberland with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Ottawa-Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde. Photo supplied

She took them up on their offer during a recent visit to the National Capital Region and brought Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson with her along with Ottawa-Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP Grant Crack and Cumberland Ward city coun-cillor Stephen Blais.

Alfred Bou-Rjeili and Erica Fleming are the Bourbonnais’ next door neighbours who made headlines in the spring when Erica, then nine months pregnant, had to be evacuated, along with their three-year-old son Tristan, after the power was shut off.

She gave birth to baby Tilania two weeks later. After hearing the Bou-Rjeili’s story, Premier Wynne wanted to meet the family during her recent visit.

Like many other local residents whose homes were flooded last spring, the Bou-Rejeilis are still in a state of limbo as they try to figure out how to pay for repairs to their flood-damaged homes.

Most weren’t insured against flooding, not because they chose not to be, but because their insurance carrier refused to provide it. They were hoping to get some funding from the federal government, but the relief funding will only cover those parts of the house that are the “primary living space ”.

What constitutes “primary living space” has become a bone of contention.

The Bou-Rejeilis have a fully furnished basement, or at least they did before the flood. When the power was cut off to the area days after the flooding began, the pumps went quite and the basement filled with water, destroying all the contents and doing irreparable damage to the walls and flooring.

Alfred has gutted his basement, but is holding off on repairs until the flood relief issue is resolved. As far as he is concerned the basement is a “primary living space”.

“We spend a lot of time in there. All of my son’s toys were in there and my parents sleep down there whenever they visit,” says Bou-Rjeili.

Despite the damage to the basement and the floor of their kitchen, which has to be replaced, the Bou-Rejeilis still feel blessed with the addition of baby Taliana to their family.

“I am very grateful,” says Bou-Rjeili who has been watching the coverage of Hurricane Irma on the news knowing that things could always be a lot worse..

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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