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(Posted 10 p.m., June 14)
Paintball facility offers reward for player who used marbles for ammo
By Fred Sherwin

The owners of Commando Paintball on Dunning Road is asking for the public's help in finding out the identity of a person who replaced paintballs with marbles during a visit to the facility on Sunday afternoon.

According to co-owner Marie Longtin, someone used the hard, solid projectiles during the 7th annual Tippmann Challenge, which attracted over a 1,000 players to the 16 hectare field.

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Two players reported being hit by the marbles which can cause serious injury when fired at close range and strike an unprotected part of the body. One of the players was fortunately wearing a chest protector when he was struck in the upper body and the other player was hit in the shoulder which caused his skin to break and left a large bruise.

The two incidents happened in the same area of play shortly before 2 p.m. As soon as the referee assigned to the game suspected marbles were being used he stopped the game immediately and ordered everyone to stay in place. Several staff members then checked the players' hoppers which feed the ammo into the guns, but no more marbles were found.

The tournament was suspended and pleyers were given refunds for unused ammo. The orgainizers also called in the Ottawa Police to help find out the origin of the marbles and analyze video taken during the game.

The use of a foreign object such as a marble in a paintball gun, also known as a marker, turns it into an illegal weapon, and as such, anyone who does so is subject to criminal charges.

In order to try and learn the identity of the culprit in question, Longtin and her partner David Pitts are offering a $1,500 reward, They have also released a statement on social media explaining what happened and the steps they plan to take in the future to protect legitimate players.

"Commando Paintball and its staff members do not take this kind of situation lightly. We are a family-oriented and family-operated business and the well-being and safety of our players if our top priority," the statement reads.

"Going forward we will be taking extra precautions, before and during the game to avoid reoccurrence of such (an) event. We will also have a police presence on site."

The owners also had some strong language to describe the person who did it.

"Make no mistake, when you use a paintball marker as a weapon... it makes you a absolute horrible person with no regards for player safety or the extreme amount of work that goes into an event of this size."

In an interview with the CBC, Longtin said the incident was the first time in the facility's 30 year history that someone has used marbles on site during a game or otherwise.

"This should never, ever happen. (Paintball enthusiasts) are great people and they love the sport, and one bozo is trying to ruin it all," sais Longtin.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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