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(Updated 11: 54 a.m., May 20)
Heavy rains close Cumberland ferry, threaten landslides in Chateauneuf

By Fred Sherwin
The Orléans Star

(Editor's Note: This is a revised version of the original story which mistakeningly placed Turnberry Road in Chatelaine Village when, in fact, it is located in Cahteauneuf.)

Heavy rains and rising flood waters continued to wreck havoc in the east end on Friday, forcing the suspension of the Cumberland/Masson ferry service and threatening a landslide along Bilberry Creek in Chateauneuf.

The ferry service was suspended at 6 p.m., forcing interprovincial commuters to try their luck further east at the Rockland ferry, which unfortunately, had also been suspended due to the rising, fast-moving water.

Rising flood waters have forced the closer of Morin Road and Boise Lane in Cumberland. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Closer to Orléans, the Petrie Island causeway has become completely submerged, cutting off the Oziles Marina and Tackle Shop from the rest of the world.

Between Orléans and Rockland, flooding is threatening homes on Leo Lane, Boise Lane, and Hwy. 17 east of Canaan Road.

Heavy rains have also forced the evacuation of a trio of homes on Turnberry Road in Chateauneuf which back onto Bilberry Creek.

City officials had to ordered the residents out of their homes after a section of the embankment along Bilberry Creek collapsed into the river. The erosion and landslides started in mid-April and worsened more recently as the heavy rain fall saturated the Leda clay soil.

While none of the homes have suffered any damage, the land gave way just metres from their property lines.

City crews have been working all week, cutting down trees along the embankment to reduce any further threat. Whether or not their efforts will do the trick, only time and Mother Nature will tell.

The five day forecast is calling for continued rain straight through until Wednesday, with severe rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday.

A temporary sign signals the closure of the Petrie Island causeway. Fred Sherwin/Photo


Rising flood waters forced the temporary closure of the Cumberland/Masson ferry during the Friday afternoon rush hour. Fred Sherwin/Photo

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)


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