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St. Peter HS students collect over 38,000 items for local foodbank

By Fred Sherwin
The Orléans Star

Students from St. Peter High School drop off their food items at the Orléans-Cumberland Coummunity Resource Centre foodbank they collected during the school's annual Canley Cup food drive. Fred Sherwin/Photo

The Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre foodbank got a huge boost on Wednesday as students from St. Peter High School delivered over 38,000 items collected during their annual Canley Cup food drive.

The food items, along with two cheques totalling $3,500, will help the foodbank provide emergency food supplies to its clients until the next major food drive in November.

Resource Centre executive director Luc Ouellette says the St. Peter High School food drive is essential in enabling the foodbank to serve the more than 600 clients, 45 per cent of which are children, who depend on them to get through each month.

"The food bank provides clients 3-4 days worth of emergency food once a month. Usually these are families which are experience financial distress for whatever reason and are having difficulty making ends meet after paying for their rent, their hydro and other food," explains Ouellette.

"Without these efforts by the students at St. Peter, we would be a lot more dependent on the Ottawa Food Bank and would have to cut down on the amount of food we can give each client."

The students have been raiding their parents' pantries and canvassing at local grocery stores for the past three weeks in a friendly competition to see which homeroom can collect the most food and lay claim to the Canley Cup trophy.

This year's Canley Cup was won by Kim Mailhot's Grade 7 homeroom class which collected nearly 4,900 items, narrowly beating out Leah Kane's homeroom class which collected nearly 4,400 items.

The top senior class was Jim Mick's homeroom which collected 1,591 items.

"They amazed me. They were out at the grocery stores on the weekends. They did an awesome job," says St. Peter VP Kim Schreider. "And we do this as a community. Every person from the caretaker, to the staff and the students. Everybody is all in on it."

A key aspect of the food drive is the social justice education component. Classes are taught about poverty in Canada and the need for foodbanks in the country, and in Orléans in particular.

"The teach them that we don't necessarrily want food banks, but we have them and we need them and in this community we need a foodbank, whcih is why the food drive is so important," says Schreider.

For more information about the Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre foodbank visit http://crcoc.ca/programs-services/food-bank/.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)


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