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(Updated 1 p.m., April 25)
Throat slash victim Michael Wassill died over $100, court hears

By Fred Sherwin
The Orléans Star

Queenswood Heights resident Michael Wassill died while trying to protect a female friend from a self-styled pimp who needed $100 to pay his rent.

That is the takeaway from Carson Morin’s fourth day of testimony at the Provincial Courthouse on Elgin Street.

Michael Wassill was 20 years old when he was killed while trying to protect a female friend from the man responsible for his death. FACEBOOK Photo

Morin is on trial for first degree murder in connection with Wassill’s death in May 2013 when his throat was slashed during a scuffle in his Fernleaf Crescent home.

Morin testified on Monday that he went to Wassill’s house in the afternoon on May 15, 2013 to confront an exotic dancer and petty drug dealer who days earlier, had moved out of the Marenger Street condo they had shared together.

According to Morin, the pair had a business arrangement whereby the young woman, who cannot be named due to a court order, gave him 50 per cent of the money she earned at the strip bar she worked at, as well as a commission on all of her drug deals.

Morin used the money to help pay rent and condo fees, groceries, utility fees, clothing, and other items and expenses including tanning sesssions.

He often referred to himself as a “pimp”, not in the legal sense of the word, but as a way to describe his relationship to the young woman.

He would often pick her up after work and they would split her wages back at the condo.

Tired of the arrangment, the young woman decided to break away from Morin and moved in with Wassill on a temporary basis several days before he was killed.

Despite the fact they no longer lived together, Morin felt he was still entitled to half of the young woman’s wages.

Further exacerbating the situation is the fact that Morin was short $100 to pay the rent on May 15, partly because he spent $200 the day before on clothing and other items for a music video he was helping to produce for a protégé.

Morin wanted to confront the young woman at the strip club in the early morning hours of May 15, 2013, to collect his money and officially end their business arrangment, but she threatened to have the security staff at the bar throw him out.

Instead, he decided to confront the young woman at Wassill’s place later the same day, even though he was fearful that he might get jumped by several of the young woman’s male friends.

When Morin arrived at Wassill’s house he slipped a box-cutter knife into the front pocket of his hoodie and put on a pair of blue latex utility gloves – a decision he says he made on the spur of the moment to give him a greater sennse of confidence in approaching Wassill’s front door.

The driveway was empty when he arrived and no cars were parked on the street that might have belonged to the men he was worried might try to hurt

When Morin approached the front door, he looked through the window and saw the young woman sitting on the bottom of the stairs. After he knocked, Wassill surprised him by opening the door and asking what him what he wanted.

Morin testified that Wassill raised his arm during their brief conversation, which he took as an aggressive act. He responded by pushing Wassill in the shoulder or chest. The momentum caused by the push carried both of them into the front foyer where a scuffle ensued.

Fearing for his safety, Morin pulled out the boxcutter knife and started swinging wildly behind his back during which he slashed Wassill’s neck. The 20-year-old died from his wound and Morin was arrested a short time later.

Morin was expected to finish his testimony on Tuesday, after which he faced two or three days of cross-examin-ation by the Crown.

Closing arguments in the case are ten-tatively scheduled to begin on May 8.

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