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(Posted 5:30 a.m., March 15)
Chamber launches multiple platform
marketing campaign

By Fred Sherwin
The Orléans Star

Orléans Chamber of Commerce president Jason Bellefleur (left) and economic development committee co-chair Sean Crossan were all smiles after the launch of organization’s new magazine. Fred Sherwin/Photo

The Orléans Chamber of Commerce is getting serious about attracting new businesses to the area.

How serious? Serious enough to launch an ambitious multiple platform marketing campaign that includes a glossy magazine and a beefed-up online presence hosted by the Ottawa Business Journal.

The campaign, which is being financed through corporate sponsorships and ads sold in the magazine, was officially launched at the Chamber of Commerce “Business Over Breakfast” meeting on March 9.

The magazine, entitled Innovative Orléans, For Your Business, contains 56 pages in both official languages aimed at showcasing local business people and potential opportunities for out of town investors.

Sean Crossan is the driving force behind the economic development campaign as co-chair of the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee.

“After I became the committee co-chair I started hearing complaints from local business owners that there was a lack of professional marketing in the area,” Crossan explained.

“I started to think about ideas that would address the problem and did some research into what other communities were doing to help local business.”

Crossan didn’t have to look too far to discover that many towns in Canada with about the same population as Orléans were publishing magazines which profiled local commerce and business opportunities in their respective communities.

After running the idea by his fellow committee members who gave it a collective thumbs up, Crossan and company started the process of putting together a high quality, informative, glossy magazine.

When asked about the timing of the magazine’s release, Crossan’s answer was simple and direct.

“Orléans is a booming and vibrant community with an untapped source of business opportunity. We have a highly educated, bilingual work force which is ideal for any investors from Montréal or Toronto who are looking to locate in the area,” said Crossan.

Ottawa Business Journal publisher and long-time Orléans resident Michael Curran liked the idea of an industry magazine, but suggested the Chamber broaden the campaign to include various social media platforms.

“When Sean approached me with the idea, I thought it was interesting but needed a broader perspective,” Curran explained. “I proposed that we make the magazine one component of a much larger media campaign using the OBJ (Ottawa Business Journal) social media posts as well as the opportunity to being promoted on the OBJ website which gets about 85,000 hits a year.”

The multiple platform social media campaign will include six 15-30 second videos that will be posted on the OBJ YouTube channel and then shared via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Each social media post will be linked to the Orléans Chamber website where a digital version of the magazine will be embedded.

The Ottawa Business Journal will also run a series of ads from March 15 to June 5, as well as 40 social media posts on the paper’s social media platforms.

Early reviews of the magazine have been extremely positive, although it will
be months and potentially years before the full impact of the campaign can be measured in new business start-ups.

In the meantime, Crossan is already thinking about producing a second edition of the magazine which, besides promoting local businesses opportunities, generated thousands of dollars in advertising revenue for the Chamber’s coffers.

“Once we get enough feedback from the business owners, I would like to seek their advice on when to print again along with some ideas on content,” said Crossan.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)


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