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(Posted 2 p.m., Sept. 19)
Orléans Terry Fox Run blessed with summer-like weather

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Terry Fox Run veteran Nelson Waddell (left) sets out on the 5K course Sunday with event organizer Jahn Fawcett. Fred Sherwin/Photo

More than 230 people took advantage of the summer-like weather conditions on Sunday to take part in the 36th edition of the Orléans Terry Fox Run and raise over $11,500 for cancer research in the process.

One of those people was cancer survivor and former event organizer Chris Goneau who led Team Valérie out on the five-kilometre course. The team was named in honour of his Goneau's daughter who succumbed to cancer in 2011 at the age of 20.

Goneau handed over the reigns of the local event to Jahn Fawcett last year to focus his efforts on growing the Valérie Flutter Foundation, “flutter” being symbolic of butterflies which are the symbol of rebirth.

“The foundation is doing well. It continues to grow,” said Goneau. “This year we’ve partnered with the Ottawa Hospital Foundation and we’re managing the Rattle Me Bones Run at the end of October, so I went from one run to the next run. It’s important to me that the research dollars continue to flow and the run probably wasn’t going to take place unless they had someone step in to help out.”

The man Goneau handed the reigns of the local Terry Fox Run to was pleased with this year’s turnout despite a scheduling conflict with the Army Run for the second year in a row.

“It’s nice to have this type of weather to bring people out who might have been sitting on the fence, but the hardcore folks they’re here rain or shine,” said Fawcett. “People know Terry Fox. They know the story. They’re connected to that story. It’s part of our history and the Foundation is great to work with. It makes it easy on us community run organizers.”

Since its inception in 2001, the Terry Fox Run has grown internationally to the point where there are Terry Fox Runs in 12 different countries this year including places like Peru and Croatia. To date, over $650 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry’s name through the annual event.

Perennial participant Nelson Waddell has raised over $100,000 for the cause on his own, including another $2,400 this year.

The 74-year-old Orléans resident is one of the few people who has taken part in all 36 Terry Fox Runs over the years. This year he set out on the course with his wife Irene, daughter Pam, and granddaughter Krista.

Pam, who has survived two bouts with cancer at nine and again at 35, said participating in the run is her way to honour Terry Fox’s legacy and pay homage to all those who haven’t survived their own battles with cancer.

“It’s just good that people can give back, myself included, to continue his hope and and continue his run and carry on where he left off,” said Pam.
For those who like to plan ahead, next year’s Terry Fox Run will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12 .

Perennial Terry Fox Run participant Nelson Waddell poses beside a display of his certificates and press clippings with his wife Irene, daughter Pam and Pam's boyfriend Stephane. Fred Sherwin/Photo

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