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(Posted 1:30 p.m., Aug. 2)
Local fitness entrepreneur celebrates nine years of changing peoples' lives

By Fred Sherwin

180° Fitness owner Adrian Deloray is celebrating nine years in business by continuing to do what he does best... transform peoples' lives. File photo

Adrian Delorey never intended to be a successful entrepreneur and fitness trainer. That is to say, he always hoped to be successful, just not as a fitness trainer and certainly not as the owner of his own fitness centre.

Delorey, a Kinesiologist who was always somewhat of a fitness buff, first got into the business as a way to supplement his income while pursuing Med School and running a blood collection business.

The first Orléans Adventure Boot Camp was held near the Avalon stormwater pond in 2007. Delorey's first clients were mostly women who liked the idea of exercising outdoors in a group environment by someone who was passionate about getting fit both physically and mentally.

Within the first couple of sessions, Delorey's reputation began to grow and he soon found himself having to turn people away.

What had started out as a side job, was quickly turning into a calling. Before long he was exploring the idea of opening his own gym, which he finally managed to do in 2009, just two years after that first outdoor boot camp.

"I'm the type of person who jumps first and builds a parachute on the way down," says Delorey, who originally hails from Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. "I had run a business before and I had experience running an office, so it wasn't as scary as it might seem. I also knew I had a great product."

Delorey's "product" can be summed up in one simple formula that has become the mantra of 180° Fitness -- real workouts + real nutrition and the right mindset = results.

"If you want lasting change you need to reset your belief systems, your habits and your attitude," explains Delorey. "It's about empowering people through education and enriching people's lives through real nutrition, real workouts and developing the right mindset.

"They used to say that the secret to losing weight was 80 per cent nutrition and 20 per cent exercise, but to achieve success that lasts it's more like 60 per cent mindset, 25 per cent nutrition and 15 per cent exercise. Without the proper mindset the results will only be temporary."

Since that first boot camp beside the Avalon stormwater pond in 2007, Delorey has helped change the lives of more than a 3,000 people who have gone through his various fitness programs. His e-mail newsletter subscription list contains more than 10,000 contacts all from the Ottawa area.

"The bottom line is that the fitness industry is a results driven industry and if you don't produce results for your clients they'll simply stop coming. We've been able to deliver results on a consistent basis year after year and it's proven by the fact that 70 per cent of our business, if not more, comes through referrals. I still hear from people who I trained six and seven years ago who say we’ve changed their lives and that this program is the only program that has ever worked for them. You can't get better than that. That’s having an impact, which was what I’ve always wanted to do," says Delorey.

As for the future, the fitness entrepreneur, who just turned 36, says he is hoping to open a 180° Fitness Centre in Kanata and possibly Barrhaven, or he'll license someone to do it.

"I'm still working on putting the systems in place to make that happen, but you'll be seeing a lot more 180° Fitness pretty soon," Delorey promises, which can only be good news for people looking for a fitness program that will yield results today, tomorrow and well into the future.

To find out more about 180° Fitness visit www.180fitness.ca.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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