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(Posted 7:30 a.m., July 3)
2nd accident on Viseneau in less than 6 weeks sends man to hospital
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

An unidentified male was sent to hospital late Saturday night with undisclosed injuries and another arrested after a moving vehicle collided with a parked car on Viseneau Drive in the exact same spot where a young women was seriously injured just five weeks ago.

According to residenrt Pat Teolis, who wias on the scene shortly after both accidents, the vehicle lost control on a curve in the road that has been the scene of several accidents over the years. While excessive speed is suspected it is not known whether or not the dirver was impaired in any way.

A car sits seriously damaged in the middle of Viseneau Drive after colliding with a parked car late Saturday night. Pat Teolis/Photo

In the accident that took place on May 29 and left an 18-year-old victim with severe head injuries, the operator of the vehile was charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm.

In last night's accident, the driver hit a parked car leaving both v ehicles with over $1,000 in damages.

The accident is just another in a long list of accidents that have residents on Viseneau Drive wondering how many more like it will occur before the city finally installs adequate traffic calming measures to protect their lives and property.

Teolis has been at the forefront of efforts to get the city to instal speed bumps on the street for the past three years. The city finally relented in January, but the speed bumps aren't expected to be put in place until later this summer, and even then they will be gradual speed humps with flat tops rather then the more aggressive speed humps that have been installed on Frank Bender and Page Roads in the same neighbourhood.

"The Viseneau residents are concerned for the safety of all drivers and pedestrians who use this road. Certainly if gradual speed humps are justified for the neighboring roads of Frank Bender and Page, where they had no accidents prior to the installation of speed humps, the same speed humps should be installed on Viseneau where there is a history of vehicles losing control and injuries occuring," says Teolis, who represents the Chateauneuf Community Association.

The questions that remain are when will the speed humps will be installed and whether the type chosen will be an effective deterrent to severly reduced the number of sccidents on the residential street.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)


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