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(Updated 4 p.m., April 8)
Construction begins on Brian Coburn extension

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

It’s been years in waiting, but construction has finally begun on the last section of Brian Coburn Blvd. between Mer Bleue Road and Navan Road.

City of Ottawa senior engineer Joe Mojsej says the $22 million project will be finished in the fall. At the same time, Page Road will be dead-ended on both sides of Brian Coburn Blvd. which will prevent commuters from accessing Navan Road.

Instead, residents living along Page Road north of Brian Coburn will have to take Mer Bleue Road to go eastbound on Navan Road, or drive through Chapel Hill South to access Orléans Blvd. to take Navan Road westbound.

Brian Coburn Blvd., which was originally referred to as the Blackburn Bypass Extenstion, has been in the Transportation Master Plan since before amalgamation. The road will make it easier for commuters living in the south part of Avalon to access the Blackburn Bypass without having to use Navan Road.

Future plans call for Brian Coburn Blvd. to be extended across Navan Road to an extension linking it directly to the Blackburn Bypass.

Bradley Estate residents have been pushing the City to extend Brian Coburn Blvd. to Renaud Road in order to prevent commuters from taking a short cut through their community to get to the south end. But a recent consultant’s report poured cold water on that proposal, saying it wasn’t needed.

The long-term plan would link Brian Coburn Blvd. to an expanded Blackburn Bypass which will eventually be widened to six lanes.

The city also has plans to link Innes Road to Walkley Road and the Hunt Club/Hwy. 417 interchange using a two-lane parkway running along the east side of the 417. The project is currently awaiting NCC approval.

The final piece of the transportation puzzle south of Innes Road is a bus rapid transitway that would link the Millennium park and ride lot on Trim Road to the Gloucester Centre light rail station on Blair.

That project is still a long way off, however. It’s currently scheduled for sometime after 2025.

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