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(Updated 11:30 a.m., March 17)
Local councillor comes under fire for Instagram, Twitter post

By Fred Sherwin
rléans Online

Innes Ward councillor Jody Mitic is having to defend himself after a making a controversial Instagram post and tweet celebrating the purchase of two law enforcement style handguns.

Mitic purchased the his-and-her SIG Sauer P320 handguns as a Christmas/Birthday present for he and his wife who is a former army medic.

The guns appeared in an Instagram post @JODYMITIC on March 10...

Because two is one and one is none.
I got @allannahgilmore and I matching @sigsaurinc P320s
for Christmas/Birthday
No zombies are coming into this house
#ihatezombies #sigsauer #pewpewlife #veteran

The post was first brought to light on Wednesday by Ottawa Sun columnist Sue Sherring who questioned the wisdom of posting the tweet just days after a young man was fatally shot on Jasmine Crescent. She also questioned the wisdom of publicly advertising the fact that he has two state-of-the-art handguns in his home.

Mitic, who is a former sniper with the Canadian Armed Forces, said he didn't see any connection between the post and the Jasmine Crescent shooting. As for the Instagram post and tweet, he says he was simply sharing his purchase with his followers, 144 of whom have so far shown their support by "Liking" his post and offering their comments.

Here is just one example... "Thanks for posting this photo and standing up for legal firearms owners Canada wide," commented @gohuntbirds. "You're a great example of a leader Jody!! Keep on doing what you're doing!!"

It should be noted that Mitic is a registered gun owner and there are no laws against storing guns in your home. In various articles that have come out in the aftermath of the Sun column, Mitic has stated that the guns are both equipped with trigger locks and are kept locked up in security case. They are also stored separately from the ammunition.

In today's Ottawa Citizen, Mitic refers to them as "tools".

“Guns are to me like tools are for a carpenter," Mitic told Ottawa Citizen reporter Joanne Laucius before test-firing his new purchase at the Stittsville Firing Range on Wednesday.

"Like a carpenter looks at a hammer, I look at a pistol. I was in the army for 20 years. I used a lot of different weapons. Just because I’m not in the military anymore doesn’t mean I’m not going to practise what I trained for for 20 years.”

In response to a Twitter inquiry about his gun collection last week, Mitic said he didn’t need any more handguns, “but I sure do want more. But just a few. I’m almost done my collection.”

In Wednesday's interview with the Citizen, Mitic wouldn't disclose how many guns he currently owns.

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