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(Updated 1 p.m., Feb. 24)
City to overhaul rules governing allocation of sports facilities

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

The City of Ottawa is overhauling the allocation of rinks, soccer fields and baseball diamonds, basically wiping the slate clean of past allocations and starting anew.

The current system was adopted in 2002 in the aftermath of amalgamation and allowed for the grandfathering of an organization’s historical use of a facility.

But in the 15 years since amalgamation, the city’s population and demographics have changed dramatically impacting both usage and the distances users have to travel to participate in their preferred sport.

According to a report released by the city’s parks and recreation department, the current distribution of allotted facility hours will be “re-balanced” using “a validated level of need for each client group”.

In other words, times will be assigned based on the number of registered participants and the playing time standards established by their governing bodies. Some groups that have been getting more than their fair share will lose time, while others that need more time can supplement it by using non-prime hours, or renting private facilities.

Other issues the changes will address include allocating use according to participants’ geographic proximity to facilities in their community; consolidation of facility hours to increase utilization; and the need to shift use of prime and non-prime hours to better reflect recent usage patterns and, in some cases, adjust start time usage blocks to increase effectiveness of use.

The policy changes are being implemented after extensive consultations with minor sports groups across the city. How the changes will impact local minor sport associations, however, still remains to be seen.

The changes will come into effect this April for the 2016-17 fall/winter ice season; Septem-ber of this year for the 2017 summer ice and slab season; and November for the 2017 sport field / ball diamond and park season.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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