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Old man winter puts deep freeze on Hockey Day in Orléans

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Players from the Cardinal Creek Community Association and the Sobeys store on Trim Road braved the minus 22 degree weather on Saturday to take part in Hockey Day in Orléans. Fred Sherwin/Photo Citizen

Hockey Day in Orléans felt more like Hockey Day in Tuktoyaktuk on Saturday as the mercury dropped to 26 degrees below zero, forcing the organizers to cancel the children's game and cut the adult game to just 10 minutes.

With the windchill making it feel more like minus 40, it's amazing anyone showed at all.

In fact, Cardinal Creek Community Association president Sean Crossan was hoping the team from Sobeys would take a pass on the challenge game and hand the CCCA the win by forfeit.

When the Sobeys crew began to show up despite the bone-chilling cold, Crossan jumped on his cell phone to make sure the community association team had enough players.

"We had to put out an all points bulletin there. It was touch and go for awhile," said Crossan who did double duty as the referee.

One person who didn't suit up for the Sobeys team was store owner Alan Forget who joined the other three fans on the sidelines to cheer on the brave souls.

"I was going to play, but it's too cold, are you kidding me," said Foget, who jokingly threatened his players with unemployment if they didn't play. "I gave them hand-warmers, how's that."

Among the eight players on the Sobeys team was store manager Eric Foget, although his wife took a pass.

"She stayed home," said the younger Foget, clearly indicating who has the brains in the family. "No, but we're used to this good Canadian weather, and it's all for the community."

The game was mercifully called after just 10 minutes and the players quickly made a beeline to the heated trailer where hot chocolate and warm pizza was waiting.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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