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(Posted 6:30 A.m., Jan. 12)
Kitten tossed from car on Colonial Road on way to recovery

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Sweetie is on the mend at the Ottawa Humane Society after beung tossed out of a pickup truck near Navan on Saturday. OHS photo

A kitten thrown out of a car window on Colonial Road near Navan on the weekend will be put up for adoption by the Ottawa Humane Society after it recovers from injuries it likely suffered before the incident.

Sweetie is a seven-month-old kitten that was rescued by a Good Samaritan after witnesses saw it tossed out the window of a silver pickup truck that had briefly stopped on Colonial Road just east of the village at around 2 p.m.

The kitten was taken to the Humane Society where vets must amputate its tail which they believe was broken before the animal was abandoned.

Humane Soviety staff are working on the theory that Sweeties' owner decided to abandon the kitten rather than pay for the treatment.

OHS executive director Bruce Roney, says the owner could have surrendered the kitten to the agency rather than drive it out to the country and abandon it on the side of the road.

In such cases, the OHS treats the animal at no charge and puts it up for adoption..

Besides a broken tail, Sweetie is being treated for a respiratory infection and abrasions to its face. She will likely be put up for adoption later this month

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