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(Posted 4 a.m., Dec. 23)
City fails to reach deal to acquire Hydro One customers

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Efforts to bring more than 45,000 Hydro One customers under the jurisdiction of Hydro Ottawa have ended in failure.

In an interview with CTV Ottawa on Wednesday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said that the two sides were unable to reach an agreement after six months of negotiations.

The discussions reached an impasse over the price Hydro One was asking for the 45,000 customers.

The provincial utility derives a substantial amount of revenue from suburban customers in Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Hamilton-Wentworth. Losing those customers would severely devalue the utility. As such, Hydro One placed a price tag on those customers that Hydro Ottawa wasn't willing to pay.

"It would have been too expensive for us to take those customers in, and it would have been too expensive for Hydro One to give up those customers, which are good customers, so I'm disappointed," Watson said.

The issue may have had less to do with cost, and more to do with how Hydro Ottawa would have paid for it. The were two potential options. The first would have seen the cost shared by all Hydro Ottawa customers. The second, more likely option, would have seen the cost born by the former Hydro One customers themselves.

In the end, the cost was too high. The actual asking price cannot be made public due to a non-disclosure agreement between the two utilities, however, Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad admitted in a letter to council that Hydro One's asking price was both "valid and defensible".

In the end, residential Hydro One customers in Ottawa will continue to pay about $115 a year more than there Hydro Ottawa neighbours..

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