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Autumn offers the best time to plant shrubs and trees

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

When it comes to adding a few shrubs and trees to your property there's no time like the present. Autumn is the ideal time to plant a new tree or shrub, and J.A. Laporte is the ideal place to find a wide selection of both.

In fact, JA Laporte Flowers and Nursery at 455 Famille-Laporte Ave. just off Old Montreal Road., has more than 530 varieties of shrubs and trees and owners Jean and Estelle Laporte would be more than happy to help you decide which variety is best suited for your property.

J.A. Laporter Flowers and Nursery offers more than 530 varieties of trees and shrubs that are ideal for the local climate. Fred Sherwin/Photo

As far as shade trees go, the old standards are Red Maple, Golden Maple and Oak, they are extremely hardy and immune from infestations. Laporte has 145 varieties of shade trees and 65 varieties of fruit trees.

When it comes to shrubs, there are few nurseries in Ottawa that have as broad a selection as JA Laporte does. In fact the east end nursery has over 215 varieties of shrubs including junipers, cedars, broad-leaf evergreens and fruit bushes.

Trees and shrubs can be planted can be planted right up until Nov. 15. JA Laporte is currently offering $175 off all their large trees and evergreens, as well as free delivery and installation with a one year warranty.

They also have a huge selection of fall mums in a variety of different colours.

So what better way to spend part of your Thanksgiving weekend than shopping for that perfect shrub or tree to add to your front yard.

JA Laporte is located just off Old Montreal Road about 1.5 kms east of Trim Road.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)





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