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Orléans MP takes timeout to mark National Tree Day

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau marked National Tree Day on Wednesday by planting a tree at the Cardinal Creek Childrens Park. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau took time off fom his election campaign on Thursday to add yet another sapling to his impressive total of more than 52,000 trees planted in his lifetime.

On a day he was responsible for getting recognized by the House of Commons, Galipeau marked National Tree Day by planting a maple tree in the Cardinal Creek Children's Park.

Galipeau began planting trees as a 12-year-old Boy Scout in Cornwall. His appreciation for trees extended into adulthood and eventually evolved into a crusade after he was elected to the House of Commons, culminating with the successful passge of his private members' bill establishing National Tree Day.

"My father was always implanting in me, 'You see that forest, I was part of planting those trees', and so he germinated that idea in my mind, so when I became a Boy Scout I was excited to participate in planting trees," says Galipeau.

It's a passion that the MP has passed on to his own children who have planted over 23,000 trees.

Asked if his fervor for planting runs counter to the perception that the Conservative Party is anti-environment, Galipeau is quick to point out their record in reducing CO2 emmissions compared to the previous government.

"The fact is, while the Liberals were in office, the carbon emmissions in Canada went up by over 30 per cent," says Galipeau. "On my watch, since we were first elected, they've gone down by 3.5 per cent, while the economy grew by 12 per cent. So they make speeches. They advance rhetoric. But we get it done."

Besides planting thousands of trees, Galipeau has also been a leadng advocate in cleaning up the Ottawa River, protecting the Greenbelt, and promoting Petrie Island as a destination for nature lovers.

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