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(Posted 11 p.m., Sept. 17)
Former Liberal candidate retires campaign debt

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Former Orléans Liberal Party candidate David Bertschi announced last week that he has paid off the remaining debt from his 2013 leadership bid. File photo

Ten months after the Liberal Party of Canada revoked his nomination for carrying a residual debt from his failed leadership bid, Orléans lawyer David Bertschi is now debt free.

Bertschi issued a press release last Thursday thanking his many supporters and donors for helping retire his lingering campaign debt.

"I am humbled by the support I received, both morally and financially, which enabled me to carry on and clear the debt I accrued after driving more than 19,850 kms across our great country. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you. You are great Canadians and true democrats," he added.

Bertshi carried the Liberal Party banner against Conservative incumbent Royal Galipeau in the 2011 General Election and received 38 per cent of the vote.

In 2013, he answered the call to help reinvigorate the Liberal fortunes by adding his name to the list of candidates seeking the party's leadership. He eventually dropped out of the race two weeks before the leadership convention.

During his five-month campaign, Bertshi amassed $155,025 in debt. When he filed his papers for the local nomination in the spring of 2014, he included a plan to pay off the debt before the election. He was on course to do just that when Liberal campaign co-chairs Katie Telford and Dan Gagnier revoked his nomination last November citing that he had failed to meet a Oct. 15 deadline set by Elections Canada to pay his outstanding loans. They also expressed serious doubt that he woud be abe to repay the remainder of his campaign debt before the general election.

Bertschi dismissed all of those points and said the party wasn't being “straightforward with Liberals and Canadians.” He also accused the Liberal Party leadership of revoking his nomination to pave the way for Justin Trudeau confidante Andrew Leslie, who went on to win the nomination by acclamation.

After being unceremoniously dumped by the Liberal Party, Bertschi filed suit against Justin Trudeau and the party's national director, Jeremy Broadhurst, along with Telford and Gagnier, for defamation and breach of contract. The claim has yet to be resolved.

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