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(Posted 11 p.m., Sept. 15)
Local Liberal candidate holds 'Rally for Real Change'

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Orléans Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie addresses supporters at rally in Blue Willow Park on Saturday. Photo supplied

Orléans federal Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie kicked off his post-Labour Day campaign on the weekend in front of a hundred or so supporters in Chapel Hill South.

Dubbed the Rally for Real Change, Leslie used the event to attack incumbent MP Royal Galipeau for not doing more to attract jobs to the east end.

In particular he took issue with what he called Galipeau's silence on the Conservative government's decisions to move the RCMP headquarters to the old JDS Uniphase buiding in the south end, and consolidating the Department of National Defence at the old Nortel campus in the west end.

"(He) stood idly by while his government moved RCMP and DND jobs to the western part of the city at great expense to many of those workers who live, or perhaps, lived right here in our community," said Leslie. "I will fight to have our fair share of government departments moved to the east end.”

It should be noted that the decision to move the RCMP headquarters to the JDS Uniphase buidling was originally made by the Liberal government under Paul Martin. The Conservatives signed off on the deal after they took power in 2006.

The decision to consolidate the Department of National Defence at the old Nortel campus was made by the Conservative government in 2010. The move has been hit by a series of delays and the buildings are still empty.

According to Pubic Works, the first DND employees will now begin moving to the campus in the fall of 2016. Eventually more than 8,500 military and civilian employees will be transfered to the Carling Avenue location.

The fear is that a significant number of employees who currenty live in Orléans will decide to move to the west end to be closer to their jobs.

Leslie said Orléans needs an MP who will work with all elected officials, the private sector and the community to bring economic opportunity and prosperity to Orléans.

He also noted that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau recently pledged nearly $60 billion over 10 years for infrastructure investment. If he is elected as part of a Liberal government he pledged to work with his fellow Liberal MPs to secure the necessary funding to extend light rail to Trim Road.

"Only with a Liberal government will you ever see the LRT go to Trim Road,” said Leslie.

Finally, Leslie promised a Liberal administration would end the bitter relationship between the federal government and its employees.

“We will respect the collective bargaining process, restore frontline services and fix the relationship between government and public service,” Leslie concluded.

Voters still have four weeks to decide who they're going to vote for. The NDP candidate is environmental scientist and equestrian operator Nancy Tremblay from Carlsbad Springs.

The Green Party has yet to nominate a candiate.

Royal Galipeau

Andrew Leslie

Nancy Tremblay

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