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(Posted 9:30 p.m., June 28)
Next phase of LRT construction to impact OC Transpo riders, motorists alike

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Now that the widening of the eastern portion of the Queensway is completed, the second phase of the LRT construction can now begin along with a new round of frustration for OC Transpo riders and motorists.

The good news is that the extra lane that east end commuters have been anxiously awaiting for the past three years is now open. The bad news is they won't be able to use it for another three years.

Yes, you read right. Beginning today, that extra lane will be the exclusive domain of buses and emergency vehicles while work is being done on converting the eastern section of the Transitway to light rail.

Beginning tomorrow, OC Transpo buses will no longer use the Transitway between the Hurdman and Blair Stations. Instead they will use the newly created bus only lane on the Queensway and get off at the Vanier Parkway to access the transitway at Hurdman before proceeding downtown and vice versa in the evening.

According to OC Transpo, the changes will add an extra seven to 15 minutes to the morning commute for bus riders depending which route they use. The 95, for instance, will take an extra 12-15 minutes to get from downtown to Orleans thanks to the need to access the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. However, commuters will now have the addied option of taking the new Route 91 which will bypass St. Laurent.

The impact the changes will have on motorists remains to be seen. Theoretically, the commute for motorists should be no different than it was before construction on the Queensway began. The only potentially choke point will be at the Vanier Parkway where motorists and buses must share the same exit.

There will be signage informing riders of the new changes and staff will be posted at the major bus stations to help commuters understand the new system.

The changes to the bus stations are as follows...

- Blair Station: Moving east to temporary platforms. Route 127 replaced by 124. Route 96 and west-end express routes will no longer stop at the station.

- Hurdman Station: Most east-end routes will bypass the station (91 and 94). Westbound express and routes 124, 126, 128 will no longer serve the station.

- St. Laurent Station: No lower-level service (moved to upper level). No p.m. eastbound express routes. Route 91 serves riders heading westbound to downtown. No route 126 or 128. Route 127 replaced by 124. Pedestrian path from Tremblay Road will be closed.

- Cyrville Station will be closed, but riders served by Route 124 at bus stop on Cyrville at Cummings.

- Train Station will be closed, but riders served by routes 92 and 96 at bus stop near Via Rail station entrance.

Routes will take longer than usual and here is a breakdown of the difference to complete the route:

East-end express routes 20-22, 24, 27, 30-31, 34-35, 37-38, 221, 231-232, and new route 91: five to seven minutes.

- 94: four to 12 minutes.

- 95: six to 16 minutes.

- 96: five minutes.

No time change for west-end express routes: 60-62, 64-73, 77, 176, 261- 263, 283.

To view the new maps and timetables visit www.octranspo1.com.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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