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(Posted 1:30 p.m., May 22)
Heart of Gold awards recognize community's unsung heroes

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

If you've never heard of Loretta Chow's name before, don't worry she prefers it that way.

Although you likely don't know her name, there's a good chance you've benefitted from her extensive community involvement, especially if you live in Fallingbrook.

Over the past 20 years, Loretta has donated many hundreds of hours of her time as a volunteer at the Fallingbrook Community Elementary School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, the Fallingbrook Community Association and the Greater Orléans Canada Day Celebration, all in total anonymity until Wednesday.

The veteran community volunteer was among 81 fellow local residents who were honoured by Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau for their selflessness, commitmnt and dedication during the annual Heart of Gold awards.

Loretta began volunteering at Fallingbrook Community Elementary School, where all of her children went to school, shortly after moving to Orléans in 1995.

Before long, she became friends with Fallingbrook Community Association president Zybina Richards, who recruited her to help organize the Fallingbrook Family Fun Day and the organization's annual Canada Day celebration which evolved into the Greater Orléans event on Petrie Island.

"She's a dedicated, hard-working member of the Fallingbrook-Orléans community who has given of herself unselfishly," says Richards. "She gives hours and hours uncondtionally and doesn't expect anything in return. In fact, she was so irritated when I nominated her, she was like 'Why did you do this?', and I told her because you deserve it."

As for the recipient herself, Loretta was simply both proud of her record of volunteerism and appreciative of the award.

"It's very rewarding. I'm very touched," said Loretta, who still gets just as much out of volunteering as she outs into it. "It's very rewarding in so many ways and I've made a lot of wonderful friends along the way."

A total of 81 volunteers were recognized in 13 different categories during the award ceremony, including Chris, Jacqueline and Éric Goneau.

Chris Goneau is the lead organizer of the Orléans Terry Fox Run which takes place every September in Fallingbrook, but the cancer survivor was honoured along his wife and their son for the work they've done in honour of their daughter and sister Valérie Goneau who succumbed to cancer shortly after her 20th birthday in 2011.

After she died, her family started Valérie's Flutter Foundation which raises money and awareness in the battle against rare forms of cancer, while encouraging people of all ages to pursue their dreams and get the most out of life because you never know how long it will last.

Chris, Jacqueline and Eric Goneau receive their Heart of Gold certificates from Ottawa-Orleans MP Royal Galipeau on Wednesday night. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Other Heart of Gold recipients included Do More Canada and Greater Orleans Canada Day organizer Kellie Sarazin; Michel Labbé from Do More Canada; Qamar Masood and Bilal Khan from the Orléans Multicultural Association; Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard volunteer Pat Gregoire; Cumberland Lions Club member Charlotte Kerluke; and Gloucester Allotment Garden Association president George Bushell.

A complete list of recipients and their biographies are listed below...

Mariette Leclerc-Lavigne
'École élémentaire catholique l'Étoile-de-l'Est d'Orléans

Une enseignante de musique à l'École élémentaire catholique l'Étoile-de-l'Est d'Orléans fait résonner son nom. Mariette Lavigne a reçu en 2013 le prix Jean-Claude Proulx.
Cette récompense, créée en 2002 par le Conseil des écoles catholique du Centre-Est (CECCE), vise à reconnaitre la fois l'implication dans l'éducation et la foi catholique. En plus d'enseigner la musique à ses élèves, Mme Lavigne s'investit dans la mobilisation du personnel et des élèves dans diverses activités catholiques. "J'essaye d'aider le plus possible aux préparations de communions, de confirmations et à la messe de Noël." Elle est aussi très engagée dans son école ainsi que dans la paroisse Saint-Claude.

George Bushell
Gloucester Allotment Gardens

George Bushel is recognized for 33 years of continuous service as the President of the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association. As well as providing an outstanding space for local, community-spirited, organic gardeners, George has also preserved a pleasant green space for walkers to enjoy within Blackburn Hamlet. He is an avid gardener, and has written many articles on organic gardening and good gardening practice.

Loretta Chow
Fallingbrook Community Association

Loretta is an extraordinary resident of Orléans who gives unselfishly to her community. A single mother, Loretta has been very active volunteering in her daughters' elementary school on a daily basis and continued to do so even after they moved on to High School. She helps out tremendously with her youngest soccer team. As if that wasn't enough, Loretta has been volunteering with Greater Orléans Canada Day, Kiwanis sKreamers Haunted Event and Carivibe. A true testament to what true volunteerism is, I truly believe that Loretta Chow is deserving of the Hearts of Gold Volunteer Award.

Sean Crossan
Cardinal Creek Community Association

Sean Crossan is clearly an outstanding volunteer, but more than that he is an exemplary leader in our community. As founder of the Cardinal Creek Community Association, and current President, he has continually demonstrated over the last 10 years his dedication to our Association and has tirelessly and selflessly contributed to making Cardinal Creek a better place to live, work and play. Mr. Crossan leads by example through his personally high level of involvement in and commitment to every activity and initiative the CCCA takes on, embraces every opportunity for improvement with gusto and inspires all members of the Board to achieve to the highest levels. He serves with distinction in his efforts to give to the community and there is no one more deserving to receive the Orléans 2015 Heart of Gold Award!

Sandra Stefanik
Cardinal Creek Community Association

Sandra Stefanik is the vice-president of the Cardinal Creek Community Association (CCCA). Since joining the CCCA board last year, Sandy has invigorated the Association and community with her positive attitude, excellent organization skills and a desire to make thecommunity a better place to live. In addition to her role as VP, she is the newsletter editor and helps organize key events like the Cardinal Creek Community Park grand opening and BBQ and the first ever Cardinal Creek Hockey Day in Orléans.

Marie Charrette
Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d'Ottawa (RAFO)

Elle est la coordonnatrice des voyages au RAFO. Marie fait une carrière en bénévolat depuis plusieurs années. Grande Dame bénévole, elle se dévoue à plusieurs causes. Elle s'est jointe au RAFO en tant que coordonnatrice des voyages en 2010. Nous apprécions son accueil, son sens d'organisation et le temps qu'elle donne au service de nos membres. Merci pour ta générosité Marie, tu as vraiment un cœur d'or!

Benoit Pinsonneault
Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club

Benoit has filled different positions within the club and is currently in his second year as the OVO Secretary. With his wealth of experience he is a mentor to the other walkers with the club. Benoit is enthusiastic and highly committed to whatever he is involved with.

Henri & Sylvette Labbé
Orleans Shopping Centre Mall Walking Club

Henri and Sylvette have being opening and setting up the room for the Orléans Mall Walking Club for last 8 to 10 years. Without their help, the Club would not be a success. They also help at all are events from the opening in October to the end of May.

John Proulx
Gloucester North Lions Club

John Proulx, a Lion since 1982, and a member of the Gloucester North Lions Club, has devoted many hours to the community and sister Lion Clubs. Some examples include the Magical Village, Navan Fair, Vision Screening and White Cane Day. John is most deserving of the 2015 Hearts of Gold Award.

Richard Giguère et Marielle Champagne
Mouvement d'implication francophones d'Orléans

Richard Giguère et Marielle Champagne sont complices dans la vie et partagent la même passion, celle de donner de leur temps aux autres. Leur engagement au sein du Mouvement d'implication francophone d'Orléans (MIFO) leur a valu le prix Bénévole de l'année lors de la dernière édition du gala Contact Ontarois. Pour leur grande implication, LeDroit et ICI Radio-Canada leur décernent le titre de Personnalité de la semaine.

Marjolaine Adam

Marjolaine Adam a à cœur le MIFO et notamment le CSMO : engagée au sein du comité consultatif, elle apporte des idées nouvelles. Impliquée sur le comité des bénévoles, Marjolaine accueille le mardi les participants aux activités. En fournissant de nouveaux contacts et en distribuant notre programmation, Marjolaine fait rayonner notre organisme.

Michel Labbé
Do More Canada Inc.

Michel Labbé is a respected educator at Beatrice Desloges High School. As a history teacher Michel brought with him his passion and knowledge regarding the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. As Education Coordinator he has ensured that all information provided to the public has been factual based upon our partnership with the Sudan Task Force & Foreign Affairs. As well, Michel's contribution as Vice President also led to the success of this organization's incorporation and all community events which raised awareness and financial support for organizations such as War Child Canada & Care Canada. Michel is an excellent role model for all young adults and his compassion for the people of Darfur is heartfelt.

Natalie and Georges AbouAssali
Do More Canada Inc.
River Pizza

Established in 1984, River Pizza is an independently owned family business operating in Ottawa's east end. For the past five years Natalie and Georges AbouAssali have been Exclusive Hospitality Sponsors for all of the Do More Canada Inc. events. Our volunteers, stage crew and performers were treated to the "Best Pizza" in Orléans. River Pizza's generous support enabled our organization to provide awareness regarding the on-going conflict in Darfur, Sudan. Natalie and Georges have huge hearts of gold and we thank you both for all that you have done for us.

Jeanne Rancourt
Filles D'Isabelle, Cercle Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur #1296

C'est avec grand plaisir que nous vous présentons Jeanne Rancourt. Jeanne est membre des Filles d'Isabelle du Cercle Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur #1296 depuis 1981 elle a toujours été une membre très active. Elle occupe présentement le poste de Porte-Bannière et Jeanne le remplit à merveille. C'est une personne qui donne toujours du 150 % dans tout ce qu'elle entreprend, elle est toujours prête à aider les autres et ce, toujours avec un grand sourire. Elle est définitivement un atout pour notre organisme.

Ann McConnell
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre

Ann is a volunteer with the seniors programs at the Resource Centre; she volunteers in the adult day program for seniors with early dementia; and she drives seniors to medical appointments. Ann has also been very helpful to the centre by volunteering at fundraising events. Ann's pleasant personality, her commitment to the Resource Centre and to the Centre's clients makes her a valued volunteer. Everyone enjoys working with Ann, clients and staff alike.

Lieutenant Jason Deblois
632 Phoenix Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Lieutenant Jason Deblois has volunteered with 632 Air Cadet Squadron for over five years now. During this time, he has played an important role in the delivery of training to our youth. Lt Deblois has also employed his organizational skills as Administration Officer, and used these skills towards planning and running major activities. His commitment has been instrumental toward upholding the values of the Canadian Cadet Organisations. 632 Squadron has over 165 youth members enrolled, both boys and girls aged 12 to 18 and from different backgrounds. As a proud resident of Orléans, Lt Deblois enjoys helping our local youth strive to become the best citizen that they can be.

Lieutenant Ryan Pascal
632 Phoenix Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Lieutenant Ryan Pascal has volunteered with 632 Air Cadet Squadron for over five years now. During this time, he has played an important role in the delivery of training to our youth. With his pleasant personality and positive demeanor, Lt Pascal has had a strong influence on our group's morale and overall esprit de corps. Lt Pascal often oversees the planning of major activities which have successfully achieved their goals. His commitment has been instrumental toward upholding the values of the Canadian Cadet Organisations. 632 Squadron has over 165 youth members enrolled, both boys and girls aged 12 to 18 and from different backgrounds. As a proud resident of Orléans, Lt Pascal enjoys helping our local youth strive to become the best citizen that they can be.

Lieutenant Tanya Brook's
632 Phoenix Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Lieutenant Tanya Brook's has been an Officer with 632 Air Cadet Squadron for 3 years now. During this time, she has played an important role in the delivery of training to our youth. Lt Brook's has been a caring and dedicated staff member, looking after the welfare of our youth and making sure that their concerns are addressed and that they receive the best possible mentorship and training we can offer. She has planned and executed major development training activities which have proven to help our cadets in their professional development. Lt Brook's commitment has been instrumental toward upholding the values of the Canadian Cadet Organisations. 632 Squadron has over 165 youth members enrolled, both boys and girls aged 12 to 18 and from different backgrounds. As a proud resident of Orléans, Lt Brook's enjoys helping our local youth strive to become the best citizen that they can be.

Brigitte Légaré
Hôpital Montfort

En 2009, le Service des bénévoles a l'honneur et le grand privilège d'accueillir parmi son équipe dynamique de bénévoles, une dame exceptionnelle nouvellement retraitée, Mme Brigitte Légaré. Dès 2010, Mme Légaré accepte généreusement la présidence de l'Association des bénévoles de l'Hôpital Montfort, qui compte plus de 300 bénévoles et dont la mission est d'améliorer la qualité de vie des patients et des employés de l'hôpital. L'Association des bénévoles appuie également le Centre de soins de longue durée Montfort. Mme Légaré s'implique corps et âme dans de nombreux dossiers sans attendre quoi que ce soit en retour. Le Service des bénévoles de l'Hôpital Montfort est fier de souligner l'excellence et l'inlassable dévouement de ce cœur d'or qu'est Mme Brigitte Légaré.

Asha Jain
Gloucester Association for Children with special needs

The GACSN is a group dedicated to providing Special Needs Children with a fun Saturday afternoon of swimming, crafts, and meeting friends. The program has been running for over 20 years. For the last four years Asha Jain has been GACSN Volunteer Coordinator. She dedicates countless hours promoting our program, through multiple media campaigns/interviews. Her efforts have resulted in 1:1 volunteer/participant ratio. Big-hearted and always giving; she organizes special needs youth dances; contributing the proceeds to help other special needs programs.

Rémi Beaudin
Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer

Rémi Beaudin has been volunteering with the Gloucester Dragons Soccer club for more than 10 years, first as a coach and then as equipment manager. He is the heart (of gold) of the soccer club and a tireless volunteer for the Orléans community. Every child who gains some self-confidence: every year he designs new medals for the kids. He also designs, orders and distributes the uniforms to our more than 2000 players, ensuring proper sizing and no colour conflict. This does not happen overnight. At season's end, he sorts and cleans the equipment and organizes donations of our slightly used equipment to developing countries, touching kids around the world. He is the MVP of the Gloucester Dragons.

Amy Hall
Divine Infant Parish

Amy is a dedicated leader in our Children's program and coordinates our successful young mothers Bible Study program. She and her husband are an integral part of our marriage preparation team at the parish and Diocesan level. Amy's joyful heart and giving spirit are an inspiration to everyone.

Jonathas Vigne
Centre Réveil International

Nous soulignons le travail exceptionnel de cet homme dévoué, serviable et fidèle qui sert en tant que bénévole au niveau du département des finances. Il aide dans l'organisation de différents évènements, pourvoit au maintien de la sécurité et au bon fonctionnement des services de l'Église. Il rend également service aux veuves et femmes monoparentales de notre assemblée. Toutes nos sincères félicitations !

Hermina Mihalik
Grace Presbyterian Church

Hermina's faith is an inspiration and despite her own personal challenges, she willingly and humbly serves in many ways to enrich the ministry at Grace: using her gifts of decorating and gardening to enhance our surroundings; her many years of leadership in the Ladies' Craft Group as well as the Ladies' Bible Study; the invaluable support through her prayer ministry and serving as bookkeeper to assist the Church Treasurer.

Yvon et Pierrette Bédard
Société Saint-Vincent-da-Paul d'Orléans, Conférence Jésus-Marie-Joseph

Ils sont des membres de la Société depuis plusieurs années. Yvon, retraité de l'industrie de l'immeuble et Pierrette, retraitée de l'enseignement, se sont joints de sitôt comme bénévoles dès leur retraite. C'est un couple très énergétique qui propage la joie auprès des Vincentiens à tout moment. Yvon est trésorier depuis plusieurs années. En plus de s'occuper du bien-être financier de notre conférence, il s'affaire également au cours de l'année à visiter des familles dans le besoin et livrer les marchandises à domicile. Pierrette demeure très active dans la conférence. Responsable des téléphonistes, elle se préoccupe aussi de la préparation et distribution des paniers de Noël avec une immense équipe. Elle voit aussi, avec d'autres comités, au bon déroulement de la Guignolée et s'assure que les paniers sont bien reçus par les familles requérantes. Pour ces raisons et plusieurs autres que le temps ne nous permet pas d'élaborer, nous avons l'honneur de vous présenter le couple Pierrette et Yvon Bédard comme récipiendaires au Gala des Cœurs d'Or 2015.

Nicole Laferrière
Filles d'Isabelle - Cercle Sainte-Marie 1395

Membre depuis la fondation de notre cercle en 1999, Nicole a dirigé le cercle comme régente et aujourd'hui elle occupe le poste de musicienne. Nicole remplit son mandat à merveille et siège sur notre comité liturgique. Nicole est une personne toujours prête à aider les autres. Elle est fiable, dévouée et généreuse de son temps. Nicole prête aussi sa voix à la chorale de la messe de 10 h 30 à notre paroisse. Elle fait aussi partie de la Société Saint-Vincent-da-Paul , qui sert les plus démunis de notre région. Nous sommes fières de souligner son beau travail avec les Filles d'Isabelle. Bravo Nicole.

Gérald Lafrance
Club 60 Orléans

Gérald Lafrance est un membre très dévoué et indispensable à l'organisation de notre club comme du Conseil d'administration et surtout, comme président. Il a été président de 2007 à 2011 et maintenant, depuis septembre 2014. Tu mérites amplement de recevoir la décoration de " Cœur d'Or ". Merci et félicitations.

Yvonne Fournier
Club Richelieu d'Orléans

Nous nominons Yvonne Fournier à l'occasion du Gala des Cœurs d'Or. Yvonne est présentement présidente du Club Richelieu Orléans. Elle se dévoue inlassablement pour assurer le succès du club et l'épanouissement de ses membres. Dynamique et chaleureuse, elle est une organisatrice hors pair qui ne compte jamais ses heures. Yvonne est aussi la grande planificatrice du souper de homard annuel de notre club qui attire 450 personnes pour un gala maintenant célèbre à Orléans. Cette activité qu'elle coordonne avec doigté remporte à chaque année un grand succès en plus de recueillir plus de douze mille dollars pour nos œuvres qui s'adressent principalement à la jeunesse francophone d'Orléans. Nous devons à Yvonne la vitalité et l'énergie d'un club social qui fait sa marque à Orléans. Bravo Yvonne !

Lise Lagroix
Paroisse Sainte-Marie

Lise Lagroix contribue à la vie liturgique en assumant diverses fonctions lors de nos célébrations. Elle offre ses services à l'accueil, organise les fêtes paroissiales, préside la fête des bénévoles et la messe multiculturelle. Cette grande dame est un modèle qui transmet son savoir, son talent et son énergie positive.

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