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(Posted 9:30 a.m., April 22)
Consultants unveil plans to widen CR 174 through Cumberland
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

After examining four different options to move commuters between Clarence-Rockland and Ottawa, consultants charged with the task have settled on one preferred option and residents living in Cumberland Village aren't happy about it.

The preferred option would see County Road 174 turned into a four lane divided highway between Trim Road and the eastern edge of Rockland with up to nine traffic lights in between and two roundabouts in Cumberland Village, one at Cameroon Street and another at Burnett Street which would be extended from Old Montreal Road to the 174.

Residents living along CR 174 had hoped for a bypass using Innes Road from Trim to Canaan Road in the east. That was rejected for a number of reasons including its potential impact on natural areas due to the need to extend Innes between Dunning Road and Canaan Road; the desire to connect the existing road and transit network between Ottawa and Clarence-Rockland; and the need to improve the existing CR 174.

Among the proposed improvements to the existing CR 174 is a multi-use pathway for pedestrians and cyslists on both sides of the road through Cumberland Village where the speed limit would be reduced to 60 km/h and the roundabouts at Cameron and Barnett which would aid traffic flow.

Map showing proposed roundabout at CR 174 and Cameron Street. Blue line on both sides of highway denote location of future multi-purpose pathway. Photo suppliers

To help accommodate residents living on the north side of the highway between Trim Road and the Village, consultants are proposing a small service road with access to the 174 at Quigley Hill Road wherhate a traffic light would be installed.

That would still leave six houses -- three west of Quigley Road and three east of the it -- which would have to drive west for up to two kilometres to make a u-turn in order to get on the eastbound lanes.

At least one resident who attended a public meeting and open house at the RJ Kennedy Community Centre in Cumberland questioned the proposed plan's impact on residents who have existing legal access to the 174 which does not appear on the consutants' maps.

"Your maps are missing some key elements that have been around for over 100 years. We've had a legal right-of-way to the road since 1908," said Jeannie Smith. "How can we put any credence in work when your maps are all wrong?"

In response, the consultants assured the 70-plus residents at the meeting that the missing right-of-ways were nothing more than an unfortunate oversight and that the plan itself was well thought out by a team of engineers. They also said they would take Smith's information in consideration to potentially modify the proposed design.

The comments and suggestions presented at the Cumberland open house will be included in a presentation to the City of Ottawa's transportation committee in June which will conclude the Environmental Assessment process in determining a transportation corridor for the future widening of CR 174 which does not appear in the city's Master Transportation Plan until after 2031.

Residents living in Clarence-Rockland would like to see it built much sooner, but that would require funding from all three levels of government which from all indications is a long way off. In the meantime, commuters will have to continue to put up with a clogged and congested 174.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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