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(Posted 7:30 p.m., March 27)
Orléans' Future Shop location to reopen as Best Buy on April 4
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

A temporarily closed sign adorns the front window of the Future Shop store on Innes Road aong with a 'Now Hiring' sign. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Future Shop customers arriving at the store's Innes Road location in Orléans this morning were surprised to find the doors locked and a sign saying that the store was temporarily closed and would reopen on April 4 as a Best Buy.

The Innes Road location is among 131 stores across Canada that have been closed as part of a massive restructuring by its parent company Best Buy Canada Ltd. Sixty-six of the stores will remained closed permanently, while 65 stores including the Innes Road location have been closed temporarily to allow for the rebranding.

The sign at the Innes Road location included a message to the store's customers, although maybe not so much to its employees who have been temporarily left in limbo: "We appreciate your patience during this transition and look forward to serving you again when we reopen".

The sign also referred customers to the nearest Best Buy store which they gave as the Merivale Road location, omitting the fact that the nearest Best Buy store is on Coventry Road beside the former Lynx Stadium.

The restructuring will effect 500 full-time and 1,000 part-time employees, none of whom were given any prior notice. Many of the employees at the Innes Road store didn't find out that the store had been closed until the showed up for work.

Approximately half of the employees nationwide will be hired back to work in the rebranded Best Buy stores. How that policy will play out at the Orléans location is anybody's guess.

Three employees who showed up together for their afternoon shift, reacted with confusion, anger and disbelief at the news the store was temporarily closed.

It didn't ease their anxiety that the temporarily closed signs were positioned above two "Now Hiring" signs with the web address www.bestbuy.ca/careers.

"I'm not sure what to say, I don't even know if I still have job," said one of the employees who only gave his first name as Steve. "We had no idea this was in the works. It's crazy. I've been working here for about six months."

It was only three months ago that Future Shop closed it's Gloucester Centre store. The reason given was that company did not want to renew its lease with RioCan. Employees at the store were only given three days notice and were given the standard two weeks severance.

Those employees who affected by the current restructuring have a chance to apply for the positions at the remaining stores. Those who fail to get rehired will be eiligible for the same severance deal. That's cold comfort, however, to the 700-800 people who will be plunged into an uncertain job market.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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