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(Posted 1 p.m., Feb. 11)
Council approves 2% tax hike, user fee increases for 2015
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Ottawa residents will be paying more for everything from property taxes to flushing their toilets this year after city council approved the 2015 operating and capital budgets earlier today.

The newly passed budget contains a two per cent residential tax increase, a 2.5 per cent hike in transit fares, a six per cent increase in water and sewer rates and a two per cent increase in recreation fees.

For an average home with a market vakue of $355,000, the tax increase represents an additional $67 on the municipal portion of their bill, while the water and sewer rate increase represents an additonal $18 over the course of the year for the average user.

Transit fares are also on the rise. A regular adult monthly pass will be going up from $100.75 to $103.25 will an express pass will be going up from $124.25 to $127.25.

Recreation and rental fees will be going up for the first time since 2010.

The budget also includes $32 million that has been set aside for "strategic initiatives" mainly in capital spending. Staff will present a prioritzed list of initiatives for council's consideration later this spring.

Prior to dealing with the budget, the city councillors were given a good news, bad news update from city treasurer Marian Simulik.

The good news is that the city will experience a 1.9 per cent increase in the tax roll in 2015, which is 0.15 per cent higher than the original estimate. That equates to an extra $2 million.

The bad news is that the city's winter maintenance budget already has an $11 million deficit for the first two months of the year and there is only $2 million left in the winter maintenance reserve fund. As a result, council voted to put the extra $2 million from the increase in the tax roll into the reserve. The remaining $7 million will likely be funded through city wide capital reserve fund.

The budget includes a number of important initiaties for the east end including $8 million for the expansion of Millennium Park, $6 million of which will be paid back by local developers over the next 20 years; $4.5 million for the expansion of the François Dupuis Recreation Centre in Avalon; $776,000 for lifecycle maintenance to the Ray Friel Recreation Centre; and $600,000 for improved access and parking at the Cardinal Creek Park.

The following is a complete list of capital projects which have been approved as part of the 2015 budget...

Orléans Ward 1 ($2,495,000)

- $776,000 for repairs to the Ray Friel Recreation Centre
- $600,000 for improved access and parking for Cardinal Creek Park 18A
- $280,000 for the Gerald Street pathway
- $250,000 to replace sports lighting and electrical service at Pierre Rocque Park
- $260,000 for the Quarry Ridge recreational pathway
- $229,000 to replace pathway lighting in Fallingbrook Park

Innes Ward 2

- $15.9 milion to extend Brian Coburn Blvd. from Mer Bleue Road to Navan Road
- $250,000 for the Mud Creek erosion study
- $92,000 for repairs to Fire Station 55 on Blair Road

Cumberland Ward 19

- $4.5 million for Francois Dupuis Recreation Centre
- $2 million for the expansion of Millennium Park
- $514,000 for emergency overflow capacity at Tenth Line Road sanitary sewer pumping station
- $460,000 for maintenance work on the Carlsbad Lane overpass at Bearbrook Creek
- $449,000 for maintenance work on the Birchgrove Becketts Creek bridge
- $410,000 for the Avalon South recreational pathway
- $361,000 for maintenance work on the Sand Road bridge
- $310,000 for Cassandra Park in the village of Vars
- $210,000 for maintenance work on the Sarsfield Road bridge
- $206,000 for the Cardinal Creek Village sanitary sewer
- $149,000 for exterior restoration of the French Hill School at the Cumberland Museum
- $120,000 for the Anderson Road culvert
- $100,000 for intersection control design at Portobello Boulevard and Valin Street
- $100,000 for the Hall Road culvert
- $100,000 for intersection control design at Brian Coburn Boulevard and Aquaview Drive.


(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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