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(Posted 10:30 a.m., Feb. 27)
Financial pair join forces under Money Coaches banner
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Judith Cane and Janet Gray are two incredibly knowledgeable financial advisers who have joined forces under the Money Coaches Canada banner to provide financial and debt management advice to individuals, families and the self-employed.

Judith Cane has been providing financial services to clients for over 20 years. She specializes in home finances, debt management, cash flow solutions and financial planning both in the mid- and long-term.

Her motto is simple: “Every great journey begins with a solid plan.” Her goal is to help clients find out where they are and establish a clear path ahead to where they
would like to go. In other words, planning for peace of mind.

After running a full service practice for 20 years during which time she gained a reputation for specializing in the financial needs of women, Judith decided to devote her
time to fee-for-service financial planning. Money Coaches Canada was an obvious choice for expanding her practice to everyday money management and to helping clients create the spending and savings plans for living their dreams.

Janet Gray is a long time friend and associate of Judith’s and like Judith she saw joining Money Coaches Canada as the perfect opportunity to offer her knowledge and experience in an unbiased way to her clients.

Before joining Money Coaches Canada, Janet operated a full service financial planning practice in the east end of Ottawa for 13 years.

As a money coach, Janet believes in honesty and in serving her clients’ interests by laying all the details bare, the good and the bad. She also believes that the money coach/client relationship is a partnership and works to empower and equip the client so they can achieve their goals with confidence.

"Money is a tool to achieve your goals,” says Gray. “By working smarter, not harder, you will ensure money is never your master."

Judith and Janet are equally adept at helping individuals and couples who are just starting out as they are at helping clients who are in need of a plan to help get them out of financial distress. In fact, it is probably more important, and in the end more valuable to formulate a plan at the outset of one’s adult life, relationship or business than it is to wait until the water gets a little rough.

Even so, Judith and Janet have the expertise to help their clients deal with life transition issues such as a divorce, retirement, or a career change.

Your best bet is to give them a call and set up a free personal consultation. Judith can be reached at judith@moneycoachescanada.ca, or you can contact Janet at janet@moneycoachescanada.ca. It will be the best move you’ve ever made.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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