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(Posted 4:30 p.m., July 15)
Local singer still basking in afterglow of performance with pop idol
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Orléans singer-songwriter Miclelle Treacy poses for a 'selfie' with Lady Gaga after the pop star brought her on stage to sing together at a recent concert in Montreal. Photo courtesy of Michelle Treacy

It's been an amazing last three weeks for 17-year-old singer/songwriter Michelle Treacy. In rapid succession the Orléans native received an Orléans Online Outstanding Youth Award, released her latest song "Gold Boy" on YouTube, and got to perform on stage with her idol Lady Gaga.

Of the three, performing with Lady Gaga at the Bell Centre in Montreal was a dream come true. Treacy has been a Lady Gaga fan ever since the pop star released her first album in 2008. The top selling artist has been an inspiration to the St. Peter High School student who is beginning to blossom in her own right as a singer and songwriter.

Treacy performed at The Bitter End in New York City earlier this year the same week Lady Gaga was doing a series of intimate shows at the Roseland Ballroom. She was fortunate enough to go to two of the shows and met Gaga twice outside the ballroom while wearing a rhinestone encrusted, leopard print hat.

It was the hat that Lady Gaga immediately recognized when Treacy met her again outside the hotel she was staying in prior to her July 3 concert. When Gaga stopped to talk to her, Treacy asked if she could ask her a question.

"She giggled,'Of course', because she recognized my hat and then I just asked her, 'Can you make my dreams come true and let me sing on stage with you?' and she did," says Treacy who strategcially managed to position herself in front of the stage with her brother Matthew.

"I had no idea she was actually going to do it, I just prayed to God whatever happens, happens."

Her brother recorded the whole experience on his iPhone and posted it on YouTube.

In the video you can her Lady Gaga call out to "the pretty little girl who was waiting outside my hotel with the leopard rhinestone hat and the mermaid bikini". For a split second Treacy doesn't realize Gaga is talking about her. The next thing she knows, she's being helped on to the stage by a couple of security people.

Gaga asks her to tell everyone her name. After introducing herself, an emotional Treacy mentions that she recently wrote a song called "Gold Boy" about a boy who was "really horrible " to her brother. Lady Gaga then hands the microphone over to Treacy saying, "There's only like 13,000 people, it's no big deal."

After taking a minute to colect herself, Treacy sings the first couple of lines of the song, which she co-wrote with her brother, when Gaga suddenly joins in the chorus. The two then sang Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way" together to wild applause from the audience. A one point, Treacy even has the state of mind to take a selfie wtih her idol.

"It felt like I was singing with a friend. She said , 'I promised I would bring you up', and then she told me to just breathm," said Treacy. "I was so in awe. Someone was finally giving me a chance and the person who was giving me the chance is my teacher and my idol."

Since the performance, Treacy been interviewed on several local radio and television stations and several different videos of her performance with Lady Gaga have popped up on YouTube.

A victim of bullying as she was growing up, Treacy wants to use her music to inspire others going through the same experience that obstacles can be overcome and dreams can come true.

"I think it's a statement to all the kids who bullied me and I told, 'One day I would be singing with Lady GaGa', look at me now. Dreams really do come true," says Treacy.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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