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(Posted 4:30 p.m., July 16)
Bradley Estates group pushing for Brian Coburn Boulevard extension
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

A group of Bradley Estate residents wants the city to extend the future Brian Coburn Boulevard to link up with Renaud Road just west of the subdivision.

The number of cars using Renaud Road to get to the south end of the city has increased dramatically over the past 18 months as work continues on widening the Queensway.

"The road is in terrible shape. It's dangerous, and it's not ideal for commuters who are traveling south which accounts for at least 75 per cent of the traffic on renaud," says Bradley Estates Community Association president Yasmine Fathers.

The situation will only get worse as Richcraft begins to develop the Trails Edge subdivision near Navan and Renaud Roads which over time will total more than 2,000 new homes.

The city is currently planning to dead-end Navan Road, just east of Renaud, which would force westbound traffic either north to Brian Coburn Blvd. or west and south through Bradley Estates. The BECA wants to avoid the latter by making it easier for commuters to bypass the subdivision via an extended Brian Coburn Blvd.

The problem is that the proposed extension from Navan Road to the second 90-degree turn in Renaud Road is not currently in the City of Ottawa's Master Transportation Plan and it would run across NCC land, which means it would likely need a federal environmental assessment.

One solution being consider is to have the road follow the hydro corridor, which is owned by the province, but the alternate route would likely still need NCC approval.

Funding might also become an issue, but the BCEA has a solution for that as well. The Master Transportation Plan calls for a new roadway to be built connecting Brian Coburn Blvd. at Navan Road to the Blackburn Bypass just west of the existing Navan Road.

Fathers believes the city could save money by simply widening Navan Road instead of building a new road, and use the savings to help fund an extended Brian Coburn Blvd.

It's hard to tell how far out possible construction would be. Brian Coburn Blvd. must first be extended from Mer Bleue Road to Navan Road which won't be completed until the fall of 2015 at the earliest.

In the meantime, frustrated residents in Bradley Estates will have to put up with an ever increasing volume of traffic.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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