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(Posted 7:30 a.m., June 10)
Hudak clarifies position on LRT during campaign stop in Orléans
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak addresses reporters about his position on funding Ottawa's future transportation needs including Phase 2 of the LRT. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak made a brief campaign stop in Orléans on Monday during which he attempted to clarify his position on Ottawa's light rail project.

Last week, Hudak said that a Tory government would not support Phase 2 of the LRT project, which see light rail extended to the west, south and east at a cost of $2.9 billion, on the grounds that the province can't afford it.

Speaking to reports at the headquarters of local PC candidate Andrew Lister, Hudak said that Ottawa would get it's fair of transportation dollars after the budget is balanced.

"I've said from day one, that Ottawa's going to get its fair share of transportation funding to get people moving again," said Hudak. "Within the first 100 days we'll work with the city to upload Hwy. 174. And that also means making sure we get Phase 1 done on the LRT and making good on the long standing promise to fix the split."

During his speech and subseqquent questioning from the media, Hudak said three or four times that Ottawa would get its fair share of transportation dollars under a Conservative government, but his primary focus is to grow the economy and balance the budget.

"We're going to balance the budget an make sure the economy is growing, so we can make future investments to meet the next phase of Ottawa's future transportation priorities. So if it's Phase 2 of the LRT, roads, bridges... whatever it's going to take to break gridlock in a major city like Ottawa to get people moving again and to atrract more jobs," said the Tory leader.

The Conservatives unwillingness to firmly commit to funding the proposed second phase of the LRT project is a bone of contention among area voters and especially Liberal Party supporters. An extended LRT line from Gloucester Centre to Place d'Orleans is seen as a major factor in attracting future economic dvelopment to Orléans.

Liberal Party leader Kathleen Wynne has already said a Liberal government would pay its $975 million share. But Conservatives point to the fact that construction of the east end extension wouldn't take place for another five years at the earliest and they'll be at least one more election before then.

Their priorities in the meantime are growing the economy and balancing the budget. In terms of Ottawa's local transportation needs, they want to complete Phase 1 of LRT and upload Hwy. 174 and they're hoping that's good enough to win over enough votes to take the riding from the Liberals.

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