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(Posted 8:30 a.m., June 6)
No money for light rail extension in east end, Hudak says

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

If elected, a PC government under Tim Hudak would kibosh plans to build Phase 2 of the light rail transit sytem planned for 2018-2023. File photo

Tory leader Tim Hudak has left no doubt that Orléans residents will have to wait for light rail to come to their neck of the woods if the Conservative Party forms the next provincial government.

Speaking to members of the media during a campign stop in Ottawa on Thursday, Mr. Hudak said that there is simply not enough money to fund the provincial share of the estimated $2.5 billion project.

“No, we can’t afford it,” Hudak said. “We’ll continue with the funding that’s been discussed and budgeted for the first phase.”

The PC leaders unequivocal statement came less than 24 hours after Liberal leader Kathlenn Wynne said her government was committed to investing $975 million for the second phase of the Ottawa LRT project, which among other things, would extend light rail from Gloucester Centre to Place d'Orléans.

The extension, which would be built between 2018 and 2023 is seen as a key to the future eceonomic development of the east end.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Hudak's announcement will have any impact on the local race where PC candidate Andrew Lister has been in a tight battle with Liberal Marie-France Lalonde.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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