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(Posted 9:30 a.m., Dec. 22)
Court proceedings continue to drag on as accused murderer of local man postpones bail hearing

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Michael Wassill was stabbed in the neck on May 15 while trying to shelter a female friend from her enraged ex-boyfriend in his family's Queenswood Heights home. He died of his injuries eight days later. Facebook photo

It's been nine months since former Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School student Michael Wassill was stabbed to death in his family's Queenswood Heights home while trying to protect a friend from her enraged ex-boyfriend.

For the Wassill family it has been as if time itself has stood still as they await the trial of the man responsible for his death.

Carson Morin, 21, was arrested within hours of breaking into Wassill's Fernleaf Crescent home where Michael grew up with his parents and two sisters. Morin faces first degree murder charges which come with a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

After several delays Morin's bail hearing was supposed to be held on Thursday. Wassill's mother Betty Ann and older sister Sarah, 26, took time off to witness the proceedings along with his uncle Paul Champ and Champ's wife. Unfortunately it was all a waste of time as Morin's lawyer asked and received another stay on the grounds that they need more time to review evidence submitted by the Crown.

“It’s pretty wrenching for all of us to go through this,” Champ told the Ottawa Citizen after the hearing. He said the family olny learned Morin’s lawyer would seek to adjourn the bail hearing, the previous night.

During the brief proceeding on Thursday, Wassill's family member sat just metres away from Morin who was brought into the prisoner's box. It was only the second time that they saw Morin since Wassill's death.

The next step in the court proceedings will be yet another hearing on Jan. 10 when the Crown will seek to set a pre-trial date, which may or may not happen. Under the best case scenario the judicial pretrial could take place this spring, with the actual trial likely to take place next fall.

Whenever the trial takes place it couldn't happen soon enough for the Wassills who are still seeking some sense of closure in Michael's senseless death.

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