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(Posted 6:30 a.m., June 29)
180 Fitness Dragon Boat team raises over $11,000

By Julie Acheson
Special to Orléans Online

This year's 20th anniversary of the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival was a tremendous success thanks to the fundraising efforts of team's like 180 Fitness which raised over $11,000.

The all-female team, save for a husband who was recruited as the steer person, began their preparations for the Festival in March and haven't stopped since. This involved physical training to strengthen their legs, back, core and arms, as well as ten water practices to learn paddling technique and practice team synchronisation.

Many team members were first-time paddlers, but undeniably fell in love with the sport after the first practice, when Coach Liz Elton shared her personal belief that "every time a paddle goes into the water, it sends out positive energy into the world".

Well, that philosophy certainly resonated with this crew, who came together and who, thanks to the Orléans community, succeeded in raising over $11,000 in support of seven local charities!

Aside from soliciting their friends and family, the team also organised a number of community fundraising events, including a night at Absolute Comedy, a "Glass Turkey" wine raffle, and a scrapbooking event.

Being the fifth top fundraising team, the 180 Fitness crew was asked to race in the Festival's Charity Race on the Friday night. Although the Charity Race did not count in the competition, it gave 180 Fitness the extra experience needed to beat their personal best during Saturday's race, and qualify for another full day of racing on the Sunday, which had been an important goal for the team.

Energized by their great weekend, this group of paddling fundraisers is eager to continue racing, and is looking forward to breaking both its paddling and fundraising records once again at next year's Dragon Boat Festival.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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