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(Posted 11:30 a.m., June 14)
Team Connor raises over $40,000 in fight against Type 1 diabetes

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Eight-ear-old Connor Ouellette has raised over $40,000 during the past five years in the fight against Type 1 diabetes with the help of a team of over 60 supporters. Photo supplied

When it comes to fundraising, big things often come in small packages, and there is no greater example of that than eight-year-old Connor Ouellette who has managed to raise over $40,000 in the fight against Type 1 diabetes over the past three years.

Connor was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, better known as juvenile diabetes, in 2009. Although he demonstrated the common symptoms of unquenchable thirst and frequent urination, his parents thought he had a bladder infection. It wasn't until his blood tests came back confirming he had Type 1 diabetes, that their lives changed forever.

Connor tests his blood between eight and 20 times per day and receives two to four needles every day to control his blood sugar. He has had three hypoglycemic seizures caused by low blood sugar in the last year, six n total. Since his diagnosis, he has tested his blood over 10,000 times and has had over 3,500 insulin injections.

Through it all he has maintained as normal a life as possible. He is a positive, kind, funny and active little boy who doesn't let this disease get in his way. He plays hockey, does karate and hip hop dance, and loves to swim.

After Connor was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009, the Ouellettes decided to participate in the Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

By 2011, Connor had an entire team of dedicated fundraisers behind him and they managed to raise over $5,000. Last year, they more than tripled that amount thanks in large part to Connors Pub which donated the proceeds from their annual golf tournament to the cause.

This year the 60-plus members of Team Canada managed to raise another $11,000 bringing their grand total to more than $40,000.

Prior to the start of this year's walk, Connor was recognized for raising the largest sum of money among the teams that participated in 2012.

It is a common misconception that kids diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes will somehow outgrow the illness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kids like Connor are insulin dependent for rest of their lives.

Research is being conducted to try and find a cure for Type 1 diabetes and clinical trials are being planned here in Canada. But until a cure is found Connor and his dedicated team of supporters will continue to raise thousands of dollars to help fund those efforts.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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