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(Posted 8 a.m., Aug. 18)
Volunteer group celebrates 15 years of celebrating Petrie Island
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Before there was a park, before there was a beach and a Canada Day Celebration, before there were even nature trails there were the Friends of Petire Island.

The volunteer organization was founded in 1997 to promote the conservation of the western portion of the Petrie Islands and the develop.m.ent of passive recreation facilities on the western portion of the main island.

Over the years they have become the de facto caretakers of the islands and their inhabitants, most notable the turtles, muskrats and racoons that have become synonymous with Petrie Island. They built the island's first nature trails and turned the cottage into a nature centre.

Over the past 15-years one man has beccome as synonymous to the Friends of Petrie Island as the turtles have become to the island itself. That man is Queenswood Heights resident Al Tweddle.

Tweddle and his small band of nture enthusiasts have donated hundreds, if not thousands of hours to protecting and conserving the island's natural habitat including more than 29 rare plants and fauna that are found along the nature trails.

FOPI was also responsible for developing and maintaining the island's original public beach near the cottage, also known as the west beach. With it's shallow water and picnic tables, it is more popular with families than the main beach.

"More families and seniors come this way," explained Tweddle. "More of the youth go to the main beach, but this is an area everyone can enjoy. The water here has been open for swimming almost every day."

Orléans councillor Bob Monette says FOPI laid the groundwork for turning Petrie Island into the destination location it has become today.

"Petrie has become not only a destination for festivals, like the Haitian festival, Carivibe festival and Canada Day, but it's become a destination for anybody who wants to take nature walks and wants to partake in environmental programs, etcetera," says Monette.

You can learn more about the Friends of Petrie Island and the islands themselves by visiting www.petrieisland.org. You can also become a member for just $10 a year.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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