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(Posted 2:30 a.m., April 12)
Proposed new Avalon school in jeopardy of being bumped down a notch

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

The push for a second public board elementary school in Avalon may have another hurdle to overcome if Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustees bow to public pressure and vote to rebuild Broadview Public School in Westboro rather than repair it.

A motion to rebuild Broadview and add it to the board's capital priorities list ahead of a second school in Avalon passed by a 7-5 margin at the OCDSB's business services committee Wednesday night. The vote was later voided, however, when committee members decided to end the meeting before they had the chance to vote on the capital priorities list itself.

The committe will revist both the amendment to rebuild Broadview, and the capital priorities list at their next meeting in May. Orléans-Cumberland trustee John Shea is hoping one of the committee members who voted to rebuild Broadview will have a change of heart by the next meeting and the amendment will fail on a tie vote.

The final capital priorities list has to be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Education by May 30.

The list of the board's top 10 capital spending priorities includes three new elementary schools in Kanata North, Avalon and Half Moon Bay in Kanata; new school additions for Earl of March High School in Kanata, Longfields-Davidson Secondary School in Barrhaven and South March Public School in Kanata; add renewal retorfits for Broadview Public School, Muchmor Public School, Carleton Heights Public School and Devonshire Community Public School, all in Ottawa.

Avalon is currently ranked ninth on the list, but the four renewal projects are being funded through a separate funding stream, which moves it up to fifth.

If the board decides to rebuild Broadview and place it ahead of Avalon, the proposed new school would drop to sixth.

However, according to information provided to the board, the ministry has it's own set of priorities which includes schools in growth areas and the need to fulfill its promise to fully implement full day kindergarten by 2014-2015. The new additions for Earl of March and Longfields-Davidson don't have a full-day kindergarten component attached to them.

The Ministry also tends to fund projects that are shovel ready. Rebuilding Broadview may require an Area Accommodation Review which could take up to two years, which in theory would play into Avalon's favour.

Avalon would also get bonus points if the board exercised it's option to purchase the site from Minto, which would push it past even Kanata North. which is first on the list but a site has not yet been determined.

Avalon Elementary school currently houses nearly 700 students and is operating at about 140 per cent capacity. With enrollment expected to increase at a 10 per cent clip over the next three years, the school is busting at the seams.

Parents are hoping a second school can be built by Sept. 2013 in order to make room for full-day kindergarten and eliminate the need for portables.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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