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(Posted 4:30 p.m., March 24)
United Church plays host to annual Kub Kar Rally and Truck Rodeo

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Jonathan Albers shows off his championship car (right), alongside Miranda Gillis, owner of the top 18-wheeler, and Justin Davies with his top custom truck. Fred Sherwin/Photo

About 200 Scouts and Cubs gathered at Orleans United Church on Saturday for the annual Odawa District Kub Kar Rally and Truck Rodeo.

The Kub Kar Rally and Truck Rodeo brings together Scouts from across the east end and Rockland to compete for fun and prizes in a variety of different categories including Most Original Design, Best Paint Job and Most True To Life Design.

Many of those present like nine-year-old Jonathan Albers from the Ottawa LDS Cub Pack, competed at the troop level before coming to the District rally.

After "failing" at his troop Kub Kar Rally, Albers rejigged his car adding more weight, adjusting the wheels and loosening up the rear air foil. The changes worked like a charm, as the car won all 15 races to take the overall title.

"I'm very surprised because at my troop rally it was kind of a failure," said Albers, showing off his shiny, silver streamlined speedster.

Other award recipients in the Kub Kar portion of the rally included Erin Freaugh from 14th Gloucester for Oringinality; Ainsley Fling from 3rd Orleans for Coolest Design; Dyan Clarke from 4th Orleans for Best Paint Job; Corey Trigger from 4th Orleans for Most Brilliant Use Of Colour; Ian Stark from 8th Orleans for Most True To Life; and Ben Runge from 1st Rockland for Most Detailed Design.

Ethan Brown from 1st Cumberland was selected as the Judges Favourite design and Ethan Blake from 1st Rockland was the popular choice among his peers.

The fastest 18-wheeler in the Truck Rodeo belonged to Miranda Gillis from 1st Clarence, who like Albers, was completed surprised by her result.

When asked how she did in last year's Rodeo, Gillis answered simply "not really good".

She came back with a more aerodynamic design and spent time making sure all 18 wheels were working together, the result was a clean slate through all 10 heats and the finals.

"I wasn't even close last year, but I did well this year. The aerodynamics helped a lot," said Gillis, 13.

Custom truck Grand Champion Justin Davies, 12, got the inspiration for his dump truck design from a friend's entry last year.

"I built it in one piece and added the rocks," said Davies whose truck came in at just four grams under the 1200 gram limit. "The competition was really good today and I was fortnate to do so well."

The award for Most Creative 18-wheeler went to Reona Wilcox from 8th Orleans whose coffin design included a vampire Barbie inspired by her younger brother.

"When he first saw it, he thought is was a vampire and it wasn't but I added the paint job to make it look like a vampire," said Wilcox.

The award for Most Creative custom truck went to Trevor Jones from 14th Gloucester and for the first time ever there was a tie for the top troop trophy between the 14th Gloucester Sea Scouts and the 14th Gloucester Land Scouts.

With the event continuing to grow in size and popularity, the organizers may be looking for a new location for next year. In the meantime, this year's runners up will be looking to improve on their desgins for a crack at next year's rally.

(This story was made possible thanks to their generous support of our local business partners.)

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