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(Posted 7:30 a.m., Jan. 24)
City bows to public pressure, removes two roundabouts from Trim Road realignment plan

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Residents in Cardinal Creek are celebrating after the city shelved plans to build two controversial roundabouts that were part of the Trim Road realignment project.

The city had proposed to build five roundabouts along Trim Road at Taylor Creek Road, St. Joseph Blvd., Portobello Blvd., Frank Kenny Road and Innes Road. But after a loud public outcry from upset residents, the city has decided to eliminate the two proposed roundabouts at Portobello and the future Frank Kenny extension.

Instead, they will build two signalized intersectios to make it easier for local residents to cross Trim.

The Cardinal Creek Community Association and the Portobell Community Association both strongly objected to the roundabouts, claiming people's lives would be at risk if they were built without a signalized crossing.

They proposed adding a two signalized pedestrian crossings to the plans, one at each location, but the city determined they would create more problems than they would solve, So rather than add to signalized crossing to the projct they simply replaced the roundabouts altogether, much to the relied of locl residents.

Cumberland Ward Coun. Stephen Blais supported the change of heart saying that it addressed the very real concers of the residents.

"There's a community on the east side of Trim Road, which is on the edge of the urban boundary and the houses within that community are essentially landlocked. So all of the services, whether it's commercial businesses, schools etc., are on the west side of Trim. People need to walk to them, or use their car to get to them," explains Blais.

The intersection at Trim and the future Frank Kenny extension is also near a park. In fact, the east access point to the intersection runs directly into a proposed parking lot. The Cardinal Creek Community Association felt that a roundabout would seriously jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and cyclists trying to get to the park from the west side of Trim.

The decision to go with signalized intersections instead of roundabouts at the two locations should not hold up the project in anyway. The city plans to submit an appendum to the Environmental Assessment for the project by the end of the month. Once the appendum is approved, work can begin.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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