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How your story and state influence your outcome

In my last column I discussed what I call the Playoffs of Life; how they challenge us to stay strong and steady throughout the chaos, and how having a strategy for change alone is not sufficient to achieve our goals and live the life we truly want.

We all experience ups and downs, and struggles and victories. I have witnessed this both as a human living my own life, and as a fitness and weight loss expert who has assisted thousands of people with their health goals.

What has become increasingly clear to me is that having a goal and a strategy is rarely enough to achieve lasting change. Sure, taking action is critical, however without a solid internal foundation, they are unlikely to

Lasting change is influenced strongly by two other elements - your STORY and your STATE.

When you change the story that you tell about yourself, and the psychological and emotional state that you inhabit, you change your life.

Here are three tips for doing just that.

Transform your vocabulary - Should versus MUST

You may know in your head that things should change, but often the feeling in your gut that things must change often comes later. A decision will not have staying power until it comes from a place of MUST; if your actions are not congruent with your desires you'll never be fulfilled. What are your musts?

Confront your limiting beliefs

The fear of failure, loss and pain can be paralyzing, mentally and physically. Worry serves as little more than a noose around the neck. It can be scary to make a big change, but what if your goal is not necessarily to live long, but to live healthily and with purpose and intent?

You only have one life, and it's happening now. Face your fears, make a difference.

Manage your inputs

The people and influences that we allow into our lives are a huge factor impacting our state. It's critical to recognize - and then reduce or eliminate exposure to - those who will cut you down for your choices and efforts to live a healthier and more meaningful life.

Sometimes you can't eliminate their presence entirely, but you can reduce your exposure, or the way you receive or choose to respond to these inputs.

What is your state/story? Are you ready to create lasting change?  

Your friend and transformation coach,
Adrian Delorey BSc(HK)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/180fitnesscanada?fref=ts

Website: www.180fitness.ca


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