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(Posted 6:30 p.m., Jan. 1)
Navan songtress releases 4th CD in time for Christmas
By Fred Sherwin
Orleans Online

Navan recording artist Lola Spriggs recently celebrated the relaease of her latest CD shine with a special event in Ottawa to suuport the Children's Wish Foundation. File photo

Navan recording artist Lola Spriggs celebrated Chirtsmas early this year with the release of her fourth CD and the holiday inspired "One Wish" at a special CD release party on Dec. 20.

The CD includes two tracks which propelled Spriggs to the top of the adult contemporary charts in 2010. "Nobody But You" and "I Wanna Love You", were both nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. "Nobody But You" reached as high as 11th on the FMQB Adult Contemporary Top 40 chart.

Spriggs may very well earn a third HMMA nomination for her latest single "Your One And Only" which became the #1 most added most radio cut on FMQB Top 40 chart last month and at last check was at #25 and rising.

Spriggs has undergone a musical evolution since the release of her debut EP Expressed in 2004.

After her mainstream retro-rock flavored follow-up Lifescrapes, she returned in 2008 with Barefoot, which had a darker and heavier rock flavor to it. Spriggs was going through a number of personal issues at the time and the music was a reflection of that process.

Fortunately, she managd to work through her dark emotional issues and has emerged emotionally and spiritually a better person with a lot to offer as evident but her most recent work.

"My genre has changed somewhat since I started recording and performing. My early stuff was earthy and edgy, but now I’m writing more contemporary and lighter songs and having way more fun," says Spriggs.

“My focus on adult contemporary pop came from being in a comfortable place with myself and the world around me. It’s a happy ending to a long and sometimes very challenging story, but what matters is that I’m here to sing and tell the tale."

The single mother's new outlook on life is reflected in the catchy dance tune "Lola La Lo" which she co-wrote with collaborator Marcus Kane..

"I always wanted to do a dance song, and the story Marcus and I tell in the lyrics captures this change of heart. When the song starts, everything’s gone wrong, she’s lost her job and run out of gas, then she sees a cute boy in a Corvette, he winks at her, there’s an instant chemistry, and she gets in the car and drives off with her dream guy. It’s the perfect fairy tale.”

With her latest release, Spriggs is hoping her fairy tale career will continue as her audience continues to expand.

Shine can be ordered on line at www.lolaspriggs.com/store.html.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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