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(Posted 10:30 p.m., April 16)
Cairine Wilson student production a whimsical spin on the superhero genre
By Fred Sherwin
Orleans Online

The Cairine Wilson Secondary School production of 'May the Farce Be With You' starred Miranda Tofflemire and Jeff Jackson in the lead roles as the intergalatic villains Star Raider and Deprava. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Acrobat Man. Albatross, H20 Girl, Tape Man, Miss Invisowrap, Electroman, Gadzooks... those are just some of the members of the Elite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization, a super secret superhero society better known as E.I.E.I.O.

The group meets once a year at the O. MacDonald Farm health spa to recharge their batteries and compare notes. On this particular occasion they are completely onlivious to the fact that an evil intergalactic villain named Star Raider is determined to steal their powers and enslave them all.

"May The Farce Be With You" is a cross between a super geek's version of the Justice League and Defendor. When the Cairine Wilson Secondary School drama club was looking for a lighthearted project for their annual theatre production, they settled on David Rogers whimsical script pitting good against evil with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Star Raider and his equally evil assistant Deprava, have discovered that the members of E.I.E.I.O. are all insignificant earthlings who must change into their superhero personas before they can use of their super powers.

With that knowledge in hand, they concoct a diabolic scheme to replace the kitchen staff at O. MacDonald's Farm and place a special serum in the food which will prevent the super heroes from changing into their super hero costumes, thus rendering them defenceless.

The plan is foolproof except for one minor catch, Star Raider places the serum in the cream chicken. If they eat anthing else after the main course the serum will be reversed. The diabolical duo also didn't count on the presence of Super Brain and Wizard Woman, who aside from being uber intelligent, don't possess any discernible super powers which prevents them from being full-fledged members of E.I.E.I.O.

When Gadzooks only partially changes into her super hero persona. Super Brain and Wizard Woman deduce that it is the food that has prevented the members of E.I.E.I.O. from changing into their costumes because the young girl only picked at her cream chicken during lunch.

If only they can get them to eat the tapioca pudding. But how can they, Deprava has enslaved the would-be super heros in their change rooms with a super starch that turns the change room curtains into a solid wall.

If only there was someone who could undo the super starch and free the members of E.I.E.I.O. before it's too late. Fortunately, the health spa cleaning staff have their own super powers which enables them to reverse the effects of the super starch using their feather dusters.

Once freed, the members of E.I.E.I.O. transorm themselves into their super hero guises and a standoff ensues. In the end the villains are vanquished, the world is saved and order is restored.

As a script, "May the Farce Be With You" is a wonderful parody of the super hero genre. It takes a talented ensemble of actors to bring it to life and enfuse it with a level of humour that has the audience laughing out loud. Kudos to the entire Cairine Wilson cast for doing just that, starting with Miranda Tofflemire and Jeff Jackson who did an awesome job as Deprava and Star Raider.

I especially loved Jackson's portrayal of the intergalatic villain and Tofflemire was solid as always in the dual role of Deprave and Miss Broom. Josh Lockahart and Julia Elliott did a fantastic job as well as Super Brain and Wizard Woman and their alter egos Byron Ceps and Dr. Vera Strong.

The rest of the cast embraced their roles with a level of commitment that really shone through on stage. My personal favourites were Acrobat Man (Chris Hodgins), Albatross (Sam Loveridge), Lt. Bullhorn (Carter Dalaire), H2O Girl (Kelsey Mcgruer) and Gadzooks (Ryan James) who almost made me fall off my seat when his six-foot-three frame emerged from behind the change room curtain dressed from head to toe in bright yellow.

Rounding out the ensemble cast were Emily Cairns as Miss MacDonald, Arielle Rivet as Sparkle, Cassandra Romain as Brilla, Bailee Pegden as Gleama, Caelly Edwards as Terry Secra, Suzt Nicholson as Astarte, Jacob Hopps as Tape Man, Sam Pearson as Keexie, Matt Wiley as Electro Man, Ashley Lambert as Miss Invisowrap, Courtney Pearson as KP3, Hannah Witmer as Yuck the salad girl, Kevin Blais as Nerd, Brianna Allen as Mrs. Onaze, Danica Tofflemire as Arid and Shorty Orders, Dylan Roy as Art Cuisine and Sudsy, Serina Buttimer as Pat Isserie, Terah Carley-Labelle as May Onaze, and Alexandria Carter and Emily Fetterley who both played Frenchy Cuisine.

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