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(Posted 10:30 a.m., Nov. 19)

Concert series showcases talented young musicians
By Fred Sherwin
Orleans Online

Becki Manouchehri plays ‘Sonata in A Major’ by Archangelo Corelli during the Gloucester Music Club recital last Friday night. Fred Sherwin/Photo

The Orleans Theatre was alive with the sound of music last Friday night as 17 talented young musicans took part in the first installment of the Gloucester Music Cub’s annual concert series.

The GMC is run by a group of local music teachers to give young musicians the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience. The organization puts on three concerts every year – one each in the fall, winter and spring

Many of the performers use the concerts to help prepare for their Royal Conservatory of Music exams and the annual Kiwanis Music Festival which is held every spring.

The honour of opening Friday night’s concert was given to sisters Emily and Natalie Millan who performed “Sailor’s Dance” together on the piano.

Gloucester Music Club veteran Naomi Ng then played “Sonata in E Major 1st Mvt.” by Haydn, followed by seven-year-old Alison Wu who provided one of the highlights of the evening with her interpretation of “The Land of Nod” by Jerome Tan.

The piano pieces were interspersed with three violin recitals. The first was by nine-year-old Hannah Carr who played “Minuet in G” by Christian Petzold.

Becki Manouchehri chose “Sonata in A Major” by 17th century Itlaian composer Arcangelo Corelli for the program, while another Gloucester Music Club veteran, Carolyn Farnand, played “Concerto in A Minor 1st Mvt.” by Vivaldi.

Besides little Alison Wu, Derek Chiu provided the other highlight of the early part of evening.

Displaying a musical maturity well beyond his years, Chiu tackled Chopin’s “Mazurka” with aplomb. But it was the playing of four elder Gloucester Music Club members that truly made the concert worth writing about. Tiffany Ho, Adrian Dzioba, Mimi Lam and Edmond Chung were all superb.

Ho’s intricate and melodic rendition of Ravel’s “Oiseaux tristes” was nothing short of magical, while Dzioba’s version of Liszt’s “Sonetto 47 del Petrarca” made the hair on my arms stand up.

Multiple Kiwanis Music Festival award recipient Mimi Lam was flawless as always during her performance of “Pagodes” by French composer Claude Debussy.

After four softer pieces, Chung’s performance of Stravinsky’s bold and brilliant “Etude No. 4”, provided a nice change of pace in bringing the concert to a close.

Among the other performers were Michelle Song who played “Play” by Béla Bartók; Monica Taing, who played “The Wood Fairies” by Walter Carroll; Alexandre Cosenza who played “Monkeys In The Tree” by Irving Berlin; Olivier Ng who chose an anonymous piece entitled “Siciliana”; and Felix Lu who played “Playing Ball” by Finney.

The next Gloucester Music Club recital is scheduled for Feb. 8 and 9, while the third installment is slated for March 28 and 30..

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)



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