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VACO exhibit features work of talented Orléans photographer
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

It's been nine years since Orléans photographer Asif Rehman first traveled to the remote Ladakh region of northern India.

He learned of the region, which is often referred to as “dle">FEEDBACK: Left-leaning criticism of Baird's actions fails to ackowledge need for due diligence

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Ottawa mayoralty candidate Alex Munter addresses the audience during the mayoralty forum at the Orleans Client Service Centre last night as Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli looks on. Fred Sherwin/Photo

(Updated 8 a.m., Oct. 20)
Mayoralty candidates tee off over east end, light rail
The top three candidates running for mayor did their best to pick up crucial support in the east end during an all candidates meeting at the Orléans Client Service Centre Thursday night.

Mayor lays out economic develop.m.ent plan for east end
Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli wants east end residents and business leaders to know that he has a plan to increase economic develop.m.ent in the eastern half of the city. (Posted 6 a.m., Oct. 20)

East end businesses fêted at People's Choice Business Awards
Some of the east end's top businesses and business people were honoured at the 5th Annual Orléans Chamber of Commerce People's Choice Business Awards Wednesday night. (Posted Oct. 19)

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Senior Boys Football
Knights come up empty against Hillcrest Hawks
If the St. Peter Knights hope to defend their AAA senior boys soccer championship, they'll have to do so on the road after they lost 1-0 to the Hillcrest Hawks on Thursday. (Posted 9:30 a.m., Oct. 20)

Henry Munro wins banner, three individual gold medals at board cross country championships
Henry Munro Middle School has a long and rich history when it comes to cross country running and they have the banners to prove it. (Posted 2:30 a.m., Oct. 20)

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Local pair invited to National Ballet summer school
With old man winter just around the corner, it’s hard to think about next summer, but next summer can’t come soon enough for Orléans dancers Olivier Roy, 14, and Emma Portner, 11. (Posted 12:30 a.m., Oct. 16)

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Left-leaning criticism of Baird's actions fails to ackowledge need for due diligence
To the editor:
On one hand you say the nine members of the city's planning and environment committee, including the Mayor, lack common sense, and on the other hand your attack on John Baird implies that the same councillors and Mayor do have common sense.


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Mike Taylor's interest in art goes back to his childhood. He remembers watching television artist Jon Gnagy demonstrate his drawing technique when he was only four years old. Mike was impressed with the marks laid down by the artist and this television show probably contributed to his continued belief that he could someday become an artist if he so chose.







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