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(Posted 2 p.m., May 31)

OYP 'In Camera' production a real head scratcher
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

When David Hersh stepped down as artistic director at the Orleans Young Players Theatrical School three years ago, he decided to maintain contact with the school by starting the "In Camera" video class.

During the first two years the classes combined video with live performance which made for an interesting theatrical experience for the audience.

This year's class decided to stick to video and the result is a 55 minute filme noire production entitled "Fatal Prophecy" in which Vinnie, played by Ryan McDermott, finds an old diary written by a girl named Amelia whose parents died in a fire.

Amelia, who is played by Fiona Watts, has visions about things happening in the future. In one of the visions, she's being stalked by Death. Amelia also has a sister named Laurel, who's played by Stephanie Hagerty. When Laurel finds out that her parents left all their money and possessions to Amelia, she hatches an idea to kill her sister using rat poison.

Back in the future, Vinnie and his fiends Bridget and Steven, played by April Rose Krause and Jonathan Lord, are being stalked by Death after Vinnie reads the passage in the diary about Amelia seeing Death in her vision.

Death follows the kids around the neighbourhood for awhile, but his efforts to get the kids are folied by a Guardian Angel named Philip who is played by Harry Nolan.

The kids eventually go back to the old house where they come across a mirror on a wash stand. As Vinnie looks in the mirror he sees Amelia about to drink the poison and yells for her to stop.

Amelia, who is looking in the same mirrior but in the past, hears Vinnie's voice and decides not to drink the poison, at which point Death vanishes into thin air.

The whole thing is rather confusing, but very well done technically. The video was filmed on location at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum as well as the streets of Fallingbrook which must have raised a few eyebrows especially when Death was chasing the kids around.

The talented cast also included Brendan Sadaka who plays Amelia's friend Clark and Louis-Philippe Dugal who plays a wanderer named Dante who gets the rat poison for Laurel.

The Orléans Young Players Spring Festival continues this Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the musical "Sweet Nothin' ", written by OYP instructor Andrea Cochrane and her partner Alan Dean McDowell, at the Orléans Theatre on Centrum Blvd. Curtain time all three nights is 7 p.m. A special matinee performance will also be held on Saturday at 2.p.m.

Last but not least, the Orléans Old Players will take the stage next Monday and Tuesday with the production, "A Double Shot of Mystery: An Unfortunate Series of Murders & Death by Murder". Curtain time both nights is 7 p.m.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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